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When is Tekken 8 coming out? Release date, news and rumors

When is Tekken 8 coming out? Release date, news and rumors

Ilya Kravtsov
5 min

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Tekken 8 possible release date and latest opinions

Tekken 8 now is one of the most anticipated projects among all gamers. This is a fighting arcade developed by Namco. The first part came out back in 1994. Since then, its popularity has not faded. You can play it alone or with friends. Development of the game based on battles from the films featuring such actors as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

When Tekken 8 will come out, as well as the details of the content of the new game, the developers have not yet disclosed. Nevertheless, we collected for you some information about the current status of the game.


• Perhaps new Tekken release date will coincide with Play Station 5 coming out, because at the start of the release of each PS, except for PS4, a new Tekken was available. The new PS5 is expected to come out by the end of 2020. Аnd because of this Tekken 8 release date for PS4 may simply not exist at all.


Tekken 7's ending hints at the possible further rivalry between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama.

Heihachi might be coming back somehow and play a significant role in the battle between Kazuya and Jin.

• New Tekken - new main or additional story. It might be about something like an “angel gene”


Fans' expectations:

Over the years since the latest Tekken game (Tekken 7) was released, players have been thinking a lot about what they want to see in Tekken 8. We will try to compose a list of "requests" for Bandai Namco Entertainment.

• It might be good to set the story of the new game in a more distant future so that the events of the new part do not take place immediately after the completion of the storyline of Tekken 7. Due to the time interval, it is also possible to "grow old", i.e. change the appearance of the old characters, add new characteristics, hits, combos for them.

• Return cut-scenes of the characters' interaction from Tekken 5. After all, they revealed the relationships between the fighters, making them more "alive";

• Improve graphics, animation of strikes, for which it is possible to move to Unreal Engine 5 (the release of the new version of the engine is scheduled for mid-2021);

• Add the possibility of "death's rage" for the characters, when with a low amount of health, they would get the opportunity to deliver new and more powerful hits to have a comeback potential;

• Improve characters customization of new Tekken 8;

• Add offline game modes (survival, team battle, time attack, etc.);

• Add in-game data frame so that beginners could easier learn about characters;

• Implement indicator of the player's proximity to increase/decrease in rank;

•  Design and introduce new characters and locations for the newest Tekken game

•  Expand the storyline of new Tekken games outside the story of Mishima family and Corporation G

We're also looking forward to Tekken 8 for Xbox One and other non-PS devices (with PC of course). 



1)  A hidden cut-scene. It told us a little about the next Tekken’s plot.

For open it in-game Tekken 7 just:

  1. Play Special Chapter - Instant Carnage
  2. Defeat Akuma while playing as Devil Kazuya
  3. Wait for the end credits to roll


TEKKEN 7 - Hidden Scene - After Credits Scene (Jin's Ending and Tekken 8 Confirmation) by Ruba

2)  Bandai Namco now takes 4-5 years or more to publish its next Tekken title. The previous part was released in 2015.  

3)  Tekken 8 definitely shouldn't be expected until November 19, 2020according to Bandai Namco Studios' official release schedule.


Conclusion: will there be Tekken 8?

Now Bandai Namco Studios is developing and preparing to release six large projects at once. These are Fast & Furious CrossroadsCaptain TsubasaProject CARS 3Trollhunters Defenders of ArcadiaThe Dark Pictures: Little Hope, and Cyberpunk 2077. The studio may simply not have the resources, both financial and creative, for new Tekken games right now.

Because of this, Bandai Namco can continue the practice of releasing DLC-patches, gradually adding new characters there, without releasing a full-fledged new Tekken.

There surely is no time traveler who would come back from the future and whom we could ask: "When did Teken 8 come out?". But it's highly unlikely that Tekken 8 will repeat the fate of Half-life 3. Probably, the release of the game will coincide with the appearance on the market of a new generation of game consoles.

So, the possible new Tekken release date could be in 2021-22. If, of course, the next Iron Fist Tournament is won by someone good. :)

Previously we wrote how to play Tekken 7 and how Tekken burst Into the industry.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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