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Tokido Stuns Fans With BMW Ad Appearance

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Tokido Stuns Fans With BMW Ad Appearance
BMW Japan/Twitter
It seems the Street Fighter Legend has something of a Midas touch as he delivered another huge W to the FGC

Hajime 'Tokido' Taniguchi is considered by many to be one of the greatest fighting game professionals to have ever held a controller. He is much beloved in the community not only for his insane longevity but also for his focused attitude and unparalleled sportsmanship. 

That was why the news that he appeared on a BMW ad was met with so much goodwill. The former Evo winner was featured in a TV segment in Japan called 'Go Next' which is sponsored by BMW. In the segment, Tokido got to try out the BMW 2 Series Grand Coupe and give his thoughts on it. 

There was also an editorial and a YouTube video (it's in Japanese) that delves into the player's thoughts on the vehicle and its many features. 

Tokido is an amazing example for many members of the FGC as he has not only consistently done great things from a professional gaming level, but has also become something of a brand magnet snagging deals with the likes of Sony Music, and Rohto. This is besides the other sponsorships he has from gaming entities. 

The news of Tokido's ad was met favorably by many within the FGC including notable names like Brain F, Jammerz and Justin Wong

Tokido suffered something of a shock when he found himself exiting the Red Bull Kumite that took place in London recently. But considering he was in the same group with insane players like Bonchan, Hurricane, and VegaPatch, it is almost understandable. Before that, Tokido was only narrowly defeated in the first CPT Japan, where he lost out to Mago in a pulsating final. However, even with those little setbacks, you just know that it won't be long before Tokido is smiling after a huge tournament win. 

We think it's an amazing achievement on the part of Tokido and can't wait to see what he does next. 

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Tokido vs Mago Grand Final

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