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Tekken 8 Lili Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Tekken 8 Lili Character Guide: All You Need to Know

Elizbar Ramazashvili
4 min

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Tekken 8 gave Lili some new tools, a much-needed face-lift, and gave this fan-favorite Monegasque girl a much bigger role in the story. In Tekken 8, Lili went from a fringe pick to a really solid fighter, and this guide is aimed to provide broad and basic information to anyone who decides to pick her up.


Lili really excels at sidestepping and side-walking, making it really difficult for the opponents to pressure her. Showing her this much respect allows her to use all her best moves with good frames. This time around, her playstyle is even more rushdown-oriented. Her overall damage saw a substantial increase as well.

Best Buttons

  • 1 – a very good jab with great reach.

  • 1,2 – +8 on hit.

  • 1,1 – you can do a full combo on counterhit.

  • 1,2,3 and 1,2,4 – mid and low variations of the same string. 

  • df1 – very fast mid, 13 frames, use this as your main mid check. Only -1 on block.

  • df3 – another staple mid for Lili. +3 on block, it’s a cornerstone of her pressure game. Full combo on counterhit.

  • f4 – really long-range move. Also gives you a full combo on counterhit.

  • B1,4 – only -11 on block, relatively safe.

  • 3+4 – +6 on block. One of the main plus frame lockdowns.

  • f3 – range is not that good, but the normal hit knocks down, and you get the full course on the counterhit.

  • df3+4 – a long-range launcher. Mainly a whiff-punisher, but could be also used as a mind-game tool on block.

  • uf3 – a typical hopkick. A quick whiff-punisher.

  • WS4 – it’s safe and knocks down, so you go to your Oki afterward. Can be done after her Dew Glide.

  • FC df1 – a fast low with a free follow-up on counterhit. Crushes all highs, but also goes under some characters’ mids.

  • d3 – one of the main low pokes for Lili. Great range and tracking, extra frames on counterhit.

  • d1,2 – more of a pressure tool. Has several follow-up options.

  • ff4 – one of the main low pokes. Lots of damage, not too unsafe on block. Goes into one of the Heat engagers on counterhit.

  • qcf3 – new move that’s really safe on block. Also a great Oki tool as it hits your opponents on the ground.

  • 3+4 – one of her Heat engagers. It’s a high and a bit slow, but deals chip damage and it’s only -2 on block.

  • 2+4 – another Heat engager. Use it to apply pressure with

  • 3,1 –  a great Heat engager to whiff punish with.

Backturn stance:

Moves to access backturn:

  • d1,2

  • ff4

  • b3+4

Moves while in backturn:

  • 1+2 – a 13 frame launcher. Only -11 on block.

  • 2 – a 14 frame power crush. Quite unsafe on block.

  • d2 – a strong harassment low.


Lili gets a much enhanced Feisty Rabbit stance in Heat mode. It gives you a much better toolset that leads to her Okizeme game, and you can add some strong mids into your mixups.


  • df3+4 BT3,4 B1~f 3 t! dash u3,3~f1,4

  • uf3 df2~b BT3,4 B1~f 3 t! dash B2,1~f1,4

  • BT1+2 D1 WS1,2~f 3 t! dash U3,3~f1,4

  • D3+4, FC df1 f23 ff3~f 3 t! B2,1~f1,4

  • WS2 FC DF1 f23 ff3~f 3 t! B2,1~f1,4

  • DB4 t! QCF4 df1 df1 B2,1~f1,4

  • F4 CH WS2 F2,3 FF3~f 3 t! B2,1~f1,4

  • Low Parry QCF3 df1 df1 B2,1~f3,4

  • Heat Engager FC df1 F2,3 FF3~f 3 t! B2,1~f1,4

  • D3+4 fc DF1 F2,3 FF3~f 3 t! FF3~u 1,2 to Rage Art


Lili has a very strong plus frames pressure and a great damage output. She benefits from the new Heat system as well. When she doesn’t get advantages, she forces a 50/50. Her Oki tools are really crazy as well. Her mixup game is strong too, especially if you’re in Heat. As always, she’s a bit prone to being sidestepped, so be careful!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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