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Tekken 8 Marshall Law Guide by Landon D

Tekken 8 Marshall Law Guide by Landon D

Elizbar Ramazashvili
3 min
Guide by Landon D

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Tekken 8 is upon us, and as always, we love to collaborate with the pro players for the character guides. Today, we have Landon D, who is going to reveal the Marshall Law secrets to everyone. Enjoy the guide!


Law is an aggressive, poking, counterhit-based rekka character. He’s pretty much an all-arounder, but it’s better if you play him aggressively.

Heat Engagers

  • 1,1,1 – his jab string that throws your opponent across the screen. -12, so be careful. Full launcher in Heat.

  • b1,2,2b1 is a 14-frame poke, highly confirmable on normal hit. Tons of mixup options.

  • uf3 – one of the most broken moves. -8, but very cheap. Just throw it out when you can. It also wall-splats. Full launcher in heat.

  • ff3 – no longer launch--punishable, can be done from Dragon Charge. Deals tons of damage.

  • f1 – used to be -14, now it’s safe.

Best Moves

  • 1 – one of the best jabs in game.

  • df1 – use when really up close.

  • db3 – catches out those trying to sidestep your jab game.

  • df2 – you get a free combo on those who try to step on you.

  • b4 – your cheater move to make your opponent stand still.

  • f1+2 – another move to stop them from stepping. A counterhit launcher as well.

  • WS4 – the best WS4 in the game. Leads to some hellish mixups.

  • FC df,d,df3 or d1+2~df3 – his notorious slide, Law’s best move.

  • b1,2 – great tracking poke.

  • b2 – just a cheap move to get in. Lots of mixups after it.

  • 1+2 – his nunchuck attack. If you space it well it’s virtually unpunishable by most of the cast.

  • SS3 – a great low after they start walking on you.

Dragon Charge

Moves to go into DC:

  • WS4

  • b1

  • f3

  • 1,2,2,2

  • SS3

Moves in DC:

  • 1

  • f1

  • 3

  • 1+2

  • f2

  • df3

Offense and Defense

Law is an aggressive, up-in-your-face character. Make them deal with your slide, and hate you for it. It’s the most annoying move in the game. Slides, nunchucks, nunchucks, slides, make them lose their mind. When they’re conditioned to block it, just do something else! Rush them and mix them.


  • df2, 4,u3, b2, b2,1, ff2,1,3

  • uf4, uf1, 4,u3, b2, b2,1, ff2,1,3

Heat Combos

  • df2, 4,u3, ff4, 2, ff2,3, heat burst, ff3~f, ff3

  • Heat dash launcher, 4,u3, 4,u3, b2,1, ff2,1,2

Wall Combos

  • b4,3, 1+2, 4,3 DC f+3

  • b4,3, 1+2, b2,3,d4

  • b4,3, b2,3,4 DC 3, 1,2,2,1+2 

Final Thoughts

Law can do just about anything in Tekken 8. His toughest matchups are those where he can’t land his jab. Also those who have fast recovery and those he can’t whiff-punish consistently. But in general, he has tools to deal with almost any matchup.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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