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Tekken 8 Heat System Explained & All Engager Inputs

Sebastian Quintanilla
2 min

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Tekken 8 Heat System Explained & All Engager Inputs
Images courtesy of Bandai Namco
Learn what is your Heat bar in Tekken 8, what it does, and how you can maximize its value in a fight

What is "Heat State"?

Brand new to the Tekken series, Heat, and Heat state is a new mechanic shown at the bottom of the UI during a fight. When you enter Heat State, your character will become overall stronger. Generally, this means doing more damage, but each character in the roster has its own eccentricities.

Once your bar fills up, you will be able to enter Heat State by doing either a Heat Burst (Right punch + Left Kick) or a Heat Engager (Depends on the character). Burst is a single hit which, if it connects, will trigger a heat state, and off you go. On the other hand, the engager sees you punch your opponent and dash up to them with the chance to follow up with a combo. Heat Burst will only give you 10 seconds of Heat State, while Heat Engager will extend that to 15.

Heat Engager Inputs

Character Inputs
Alisa 3,2 1+2 f+2,1 u/f+2 d+1+2,f+2,1,2
Asuka f+1+2 d+2 d/b+1,2 d,N,2 f+1+3,-,2
Azucena f+4,4 f+1+2 b+3 f+3+4,2 d+2+4
Bryan 1,2,4 d/b+1+2 f,F+2 d,N,2,1 qcf,1+2
Claudio 2,1,2 3,2 b+4,2 u/f+2 f,f,F+2
Devil Jin b+2,3 b+3 u/f+4 f,F+2 f+3,2,2
Feng Wei f+1+2 b+1+2 f,F+2 b+3,4,2 b+3+4,2
Hwoarang d/f+3+4 f,F+4 3+4,d/f+3 f+3,f+3 f,N,4,b+3
Jack-8 b+2 b+1+2 3+4,4 3+4,3+4 d+2+4
Jin Kazama 1+2 f+3,1 d/f+4 f,F+2 b+3+4,2
Jun Kazama 1+2 f+2,1+2 d,N,4 u+2,3 b+1+2,2
Kazuya d/f+1,2 d/b+1,2 b+4 b+3+4 f,F+2
King f+2,1 f+2+3 d/b+1+2,2 f+3+4,1+3 d+1+4
Kuma 1+2 b+1 b+1+2 f,f,F+1+2 3+4,d+1+2
Lars 1,1,1 3+4 f+1,1,2 f+1,3 f+1,F,1
Lee 4,4,4 d/f+4,4 b+3+4 f,F+3 3+4,u+3
Leo d/b+2,4 b+2,3+4 4,1+2 f+4,1,2 d+1+2,1+2
Leroy 1+2,1+2,1 f+4,4 d+1+2 d/b+1+2 3+4,1+2,1
Lili 3,1 3+4 qcf,2,1 b+3+4,1,4 b+3,2
Ling Xiaoyu d/b+1 b+4,1 b+3+4,1+2,4 d/b+1+2,2 d+1+2,2,1
Law 1,1,1 b+1,2,2 u/f+3 f,F+3 d+3+4,f+1
Nina f+1+2 f+4+2 d/b+1+2 f,f,F+1+2 qcf,F+2
Panda 1,2 b+1 b+1+2 f,f,F+1+2 3+4,d+1+2
Paul f+2 f+4 u/f+2 qcf,2 qcb,2
Raven 1+2 f+1+2 3+4 b+3+4,4 3+4,2
Reina d/f+1,2 f,F+3 f+3,3 d+3,4 d+1+2,2
Dragunov 1,2,1 f+3,1+2 b+4,3 qcf,4 d+2+4
Shaheen d/b+2,1 b+1 b+3+4 u/f+1 d/f+3+4,1+2
Steve 1+2 qcf+1 f,f,F+2 3+4,2 3+4,2
Victor f+4,1 f+1+2 d+2 b+1+2 f+3,3
Yoshimitsu 3,1 f+1+2 b+2,2 1+2,f+2 u+1+2,4
Zafina f+1+2 d/f+4,1 3+4,2,1 d+1+2,d/f+1 d+3+4d/f+1

Heat Dash & Smash

While in the Heat State, your character's ability will be slightly enhanced, giving you access to combos that might otherwise not connect, extra damage, and shorter frames, among other features. Those are all dependent on what character you choose to play.

Alongside those enhancements, you also gain access to two moves that allow you to spend all your remaining heat bar for what is basically a finisher move. By re-inputting your heat engager, you can do a Heat Dash, which repeats the fast dash from the engager, allowing you to extend combos or wall carry. the other is Heat Smash, which repeats the heat burst input to produce a power attack that deals a ton of damage. Both of these will cause Heat State to end hover.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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