Street Fighter V Champion Edition soundtrack - when and where

Ilya Kravtsov
Jul 28 20202 min
The album will include themes for characters who first appeared in Season 4

Soundtracks to the Street Fighter V Champion Edition will be released on 30 September 2020 according to famitsu.  The release will have 28 tracks in 2 discs. The original soundtracks can be pre-ordered for ¥3,000 (or around 30$) at e-Capcom store.  Another way to get the album is via Amazon Japan

The compilation is also announced to include themes for characters who first appeared in Season 4. In particular, there can be found tracks for E. Honda, Poison, Lucia, and Cody. Besides, the album will also include tracks from Street Fighter V Champion Edition’s Tournament Mode, as well as songs featured in various stages. In addition, you can find unreleased artwork made by Street Fighter artist Bengus for Street Fighter V Champion Edition.

The complete tracklist for the Street Fighter V Champion Edition soundtrack is below for you to check out:

Disk 1:

  1. Ring of Power - Ring Stage -
  2. Ring of Power Alternative - Ring Stage -
  3. King's Court - Thailand Stage -
  4. Dojo - Japan Stage -
  5. Dojo Alternative - Japan Stage -
  6. The Gird 2
  7. The Gird 3
  8. Ring of Justice - Ring Stage -
  9. Ring of Justice Alternative - Ring Stage -
  10. Field of Fate - Australia Stage -
  11. Honda Sento - Japan Stage -
  12. Union Graveyard - London Stage -
  13. Union Graveyard Alternative - London Stage -
  14. Holly Jolly Beatdown - USA Stage -
  15. Holly Jolly Beatdown Alternative - USA Stage -
  16. Sun Chase Moon - UnKnown Stage
  17. Sun Chase Moon Alternative - Unknown Stage -

Disk 2:

  1. Theme of Cody
  2. Theme of G
  3. Theme of Sagat
  4. Theme of Kage
  5. Theme of Poison
  6. Theme of E.Honda
  7. Theme of Lucia
  8. Theme of Jill
  9. Theme of Seth
  10. Tournament Mode
  11. Tournament Mode Victory

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