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Street Fighter League USA Week 2 Recap

Femi Famutimi
4 min

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Street Fighter League USA Week 2 Recap
With an exciting first week done, we have the next clash of the incredible SFL USA

Season 6 of Street Fighter League started with a bang with close matches all around. This week had the same and the three matches in view were: 

  • NASR Esports vs Endemic 
  • Bandits vs Red Rooster
  • Versus Vortex vs UYU

NASR Esports vs Endemic 


NASR Esports are clearly the favourites for this season with the roster they have at their disposal. They won their first game against Bandits and this is expected to set the pace for them. Endemic also won their first match and would have been hoping to do some damage against NASR. The first match ended very quickly as Angrybird defeated Reynald with some ease. The second set was between ChrisCCH and Big Bird which was a close one. ChrisCCH started by countering all of Big Bird's Superman punches ensuring that Big Bird couldn't get his game going. He got a perfect in the first round, but Big Bird fought back. However, it was Chris who won the first game. 

In the second game, Big Bird adapted and started doing less Superman punches, rather coontesting with Marisa's back HP and pressuring Ken into the corner. From there, once he got a hit, it was damage city. But, Chris also countered, and was eventually able to win the set. 

This left things for Punk who was against Samurai which is something of an SFL classic as the two have faced off time and time again. But, Punk is so dominant in the game right now that he seems unstoppable. He showed this in the set as he won 3-0 not even dropping a single round. 

With that, NASR got 30 points and have put themselves in a good spot on the table. 

Bandits vs Red Rooster


The second match started with the same pace as the first as Xiaohai speedran Ajax Fidelity's Juri and won the set 2-0. The second set went by just as quickly as Caba's Guile destroyed PR Balrog with another 2-0 although PR Balrog did manage to get a round. This now left the match between Bananaken and MenaRD.  

Mena, like Punk is looking unstoppable and against Bananaken he showed his class. Bananaken's JP has been a great character to use, but when faced with Mena's Luke, he was left with no choices as he baited JP's Amnesia and neutralized his spikes. He won the set 3-1. 

This gave Bandits 40 points and top spot on the table. 

Versus Vortex vs UYU


Versus Vortex lost pretty badly last week and were up against the team in which they had found so much success, UYU. 

The match started with DCQ, who was the MVP for the team last season against Dual Kevin, winning the set. This was followed by some really crazy plays against Vxbao by NL and he  was able to win that set.

The anchor match was of course, Nuckledu against Xian. Nuckledu got a 2-0 lead before Xian adapted and brought it back. The final game was a nail-biter that went down to the final round, but Nuckledu was able to trap Xian in the corner and get the win. 

The meant that the game would go to the tie-breaker which saw Oil King against Zhen. Zhen's record hasn't been great so far and it was unfortunately another defeat in the first-to-one which then gave Versus Vortex their first points of the season and while UYU lost, they at least got themselves some decent points. However, it also means that they have lost two matches in a row, the only team to do that so far this season and it perpetuates the legend of their poor performances in the league traditionally. 

With the shape of the season, we begin to see that this might be a two-horse race for the top spot with NASR and Bandits really capable of defeating anyone. It might be hard to get past them, but with several weeks of action remaining, we cannot say never yet. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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