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Street Fighter Developers Reveal the SFV Character missing from SF6

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Street Fighter Developers Reveal more Details About SF6
The game's developers, Nakayama & Matsumoto answers several questions to shed more light on Street Fighter 6

We have been getting some decent Street Fighter 6 news recently, and we have learned a bit more of the game now. The developers, Nakayama and Matsumoto, sat down with Game Informer to answer over 100 questions, all regarding Street Fighter and their connection to it. 

The video, which is on the Game Informer YouTube channel, is a great watch as the developers answer a slew of questions ranging from the mundane to the very special. 

Biggest Lessons from Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V will go down in infamy for the botched launch that it has been unable to live down till this day. When asked what they had learned from the experience, Nakayama said that they learned that it was not enough to make a good fighting game but something that all sorts of people could enjoy. This shows clearly from what we have seen in Street Fighter 6 as there are so many other things to do in the game besides just fighting in versus or online mode. Regarding this, the developers also confirmed that Battle Hub would feature many more retro games than what was available in the beta test. This opens up a lot of possibilities as to what players will have access to. The better netcode is also a high point of the game and the developers stressed the improvement between SFV and SF6 regarding the online play. 

Missing Characters

The developers were also asked about the difficulty in leaving old characters to add new ones. They answered that it was always difficult to leave an old character and that while it is the intention of the team to have all the players available, things like cost, scheduling and so on make this impossible. One of the biggest bombshells is that Cody, the mayor of Metro City, might not make Street Fighter 6 at all. Nakayama claimed that he really wanted Cody in the game, but we might not be seeing him at all. The developers were tight-lipped on other characters that could come out, but they did claim that they will be adding DLC characters, stages, and maybe even new game modes. Some of the mechanics that will not be returning is Fight Money which the developers say they have done away with.

Game Informer video

Street Fighter 6 Story

When asked about the game's story, the developers intimated that players would primarily experience the game's tale through the World Tour mode, with Arcade Mode only presenting an abbreviated version of the game's overarching plot. We were also told that Luke would play a major role in the story instead of Ryu. He will be the primary character players will interact with, and as was also announced earlier, we'll see a lot of Luke and Ken in the Capcom-authorized UDON comic, which will focus on the prequel to the Street Fighter 6 story. 

There was so much more talked about in the interview and you really should give it a watch as there were a lot of fun questions and little insights, like how Dhalsim's limbs only grow more elastic as he ages and why we do not know Chun li's weight. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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