SFV Match Up Chart for Cody by Hoji

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SFV Match Up Chart for Cody by Hoji
Opponents of this handsome guy has been ranked

We met Cody first as a character of Final Fight, a beat 'em up game series. Then he made his debut on the main fighting ground as a character in Street Fighter Alpha 3. He was introduced to the current game with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Do you like him?

Hoji played with Cody during the qualifier North America East 1 for Capcom Pro Tour Online 2020. The guy managed to finish in the Top 5 list, which is a pretty good result. In a recent tweet, this pro SFV player revealed his match up chart for Cody. Check it out on the picture above!

You can see that Cody is bad against such fighters as Dhalsim, Akuma, and Chun-Li. He is even with Guile, Rashid, and Ken. Powers of Cody become obvious in matches against Balrog, Gill, and Sagat.

It seems like Cody has more advantages than weaknesses. Are you convinced to try  him out in the game?