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Secrets of winning from TOC Australia Champion interview by DashFight

Ilya Kravtsov
5 min

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Secrets of winning from TOC Australia Champion interview by DashFight
GG | DEE-ON GREY gained an amazing victory!

Tekken Online Challenge Australia ended a few days ago. GG | DEE-ON GREY achieved a triumphant victory there. At DashFight, we decided to find out and tell other people more about this talented gamer.

This player's real name is Dion Xu. He works as a migration lawyer in Australia and is proud of his Chinese origin.

DEE-ON GREY told us when and where he started playing Tekken, the serious prospects for eSports, and what keeps him from giving up even when his health bar is close to the end. And also, about many other things.

Interesting? Let’s go!


Are you a gambling person?

I’m a social gambler, I only gamble for the hype, I’m not in it for the money

How and when did you learn to play Tekken? Did you ever think at that moment that you could become an esportsman?

I started playing Tekken in 2003 at the local arcades, esports for FGC didn’t actually exist back then, it was all just about being the best at the arcade centre locally.

You showed good spectacular gameplay at this tournament. It seems to have been quite easy for you. But, what was the most difficult game for you in this tournament? Do you have to deal with anxiety? What was the most exciting match for you?

The most difficult game I had were all towards the end of the event because it was a very long tournament, I was quite tired and was trying hard to keep focus. I don’t get any anxiety, quite relaxed when I’m playing overall always

Do you often have to change the outcome of matches and what helps you not to give up when your character's health scale is close to 0? Could you tell us about your most fantastic comeback?


I’ve had many close tournament sets in my life, I think it’s good to not think about your life bar being so low and just focus on what’s happening in the game, keep pressure and defense on as a balance, it only takes one good read for a come back in Tekken 7
Dee-on Gray's amazing comeback

You are obviously a skillful player during online matches, but what about offline? Did you finish Story mode at the highest difficulty level?


No, I didn’t, that is wayyyy too hard

Who do you like to play besides Jack-7 and Leroy?

I have over 25+ TTGP, I like to experiment with all chars, but I don’t play characters with heavy execution, I don’t like combos effecting the game when I get a good read in.

We didn’t find any of your tournament matches in other fighting games. Do you play any fightings besides Tekken?

Only Tekken

Your main job is as a migration lawyer. How do you manage to combine it with esports and how much time do you devote to training?

When you are passionate about something and enjoy doing it, there’s always time for anyone to do well in it, no matter what kind of industry you work in.

Let’s speak about real life. Do you think esports can replace traditional sports in popularity if the Covid-19 pandemic or any other drags on?

Yes, I do believe one-day esports will become as big as sports because of look at games like Dota 2, LOL, and CS. The new generation of gamers are all starting at a young age, starting on mobile phones to consoles, gamers are becoming more and more accepted. Hopefully, the pandemic will finish soon and we are able to continue traveling for gaming events

You have been playing Tekken for over 15 years. We can say that you are already an expert in this game. What's your favorite part of the entire Tekken series? What would you like to see in Tekken 8?

My fav part about the series is with all the people I play the game with, yes I would love to see a tekken 8, but all the tekken series have been just as good in the past.

What advice can you give to novice players? What do you think is the best way to learn to play Tekken - on YouTube or on your own?

The best way to get better at the game is to have a good attitude towards it. Be competitive, but don’t blame the game or the opponent, focus on yourself, how you won and how you lost, then build upon it
Dee-on Gray's Twitch
Dee-on Gray's Youtube

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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