PlayStation Dojo: All the Finals

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PlayStation Dojo: All the Finals
Pic Source: PlayStation YouTube
Players from Europe played different fighting esports titles for a month.

PlayStation organized a few tournaments for different fighting games. The qualifiers were open for everyone, and now, players completed their Final matches, so we know all the winners.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the games!

PlayStation Dogo Fighting Fest: Soulcalibur VI

The winner of this part is Keev, who defeated ganondeurf. To enjoy Keev's playing style at an offline event, don’t miss WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1!

PlayStation Dogo Fighting Fest: Street Fighter V

Hurricane won this SF5 tournament. His opponent in the Grand Final was PHDinTeabag.

PlayStation Dogo Fighting Fest: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

In the Grand Final, Kax444 defeated King_Rasta.

PlayStation Dogo Fighting Fest: Mortal Kombat

Murko had a very confident Grand Final win against Conflictus - 3:0.

For even more epic fights, check out matches from MK11 WUFL Season 1.

PlayStation Dogo Fighting Fest: Tekken 7

In the Grand Final, Pika played against Strog - and won 3:1.

PlayStation Dogo Fighting Fest: Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r]

The Grand Final was between Seloice and Neffros. The champion title came to Seloice after the 3:2 victory.

That’s quite a lot of matches, and you may find many interesting tricks in the game of your choice. We at DashFight will keep an eye on big multi-title events - especially after PlayStation has purchased EVO.

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