Patch Notes 1.16: GG -Strive- is Prepared for Update

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Patch Notes 1.16: GG -Strive- is Prepared for Update
Pic Source: Arc System Works on Twitter
We have a couple of days before the addition of Testament to the game, and we already know the patch notes.

Guilty Gear -Strive- is a perfect example of how a fighting game should be supported by its developers. Players enjoy regular releases of new characters, meaningful updates, and even additions of pretty unusual new modes.

The game is close to the first anniversary, and Testament is the last DLC character for Season 1. She joins the game on March 28, but what else will be added to Strive?

The patch notes for Version 1.16 are available on the official website, and we encourage you to check them out for full detail.

In general, there are no character adjustments (they are probably coming in Season 2). The update addresses annoying issues with the long period of connecting to the servers (and that’s good news for players). A new game mode will be added — Digital Figure Mode, where you can create dioramas with the characters and stages.

Of course, Testament and all related content will be part of this update.

We at DashFight called Guilty Gear -Strive- the best fighting game of 2021, and it sets a high standard for the whole genre. What do you think — can DNF Duel or other games of 2022 reach the same level?