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MBTL First Attack 2023 Results: Crushing Blow

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MBTL First Attack 2023 Results: Crushing Blow
Bring the command grab to the scene when the fight gets serious

Melty Blood: Type Lumina is one of the games that started First Attack 2023 — with a quick tournament on Friday, October 27. It isn’t part of the PSA Circuit 2 league, and not so many players took this trip to Puerto Rico. Still, there were some prominent guest participants and some strong local players.

Let’s take a look at the matches, the results, and the characters in Top 4.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina Esports | First Attack 2023

Quite often, not-that-big tourneys have some advantages — at least for the viewers. The atmosphere is generally lighter, and the players are more willing to experiment. This was (partially) the case with MBTL First Attack. 

In the start of the Winners Final, ScrawtVermillion did not play his usual main, Kouma Kishima, but chose Red Arcueid. That was fun and even gave the player one game (with a super close final round). But the opponent, Arhkma MuddyKipz, was also open to experiments. The guy started with Ciel, and when she did not work well, he powered her up — yep, to Powered Ciel. ScrawtVermillion felt something coming and took Kouma Kishima eventually, the character that he won CEOtaku VII with. After some heavy damage delivered in a few dominating rounds, ScrawtVermillion proceeded to the Grand Final.

Hisui of Zoi served well in the Losers-Semi vs Red Arcueid of Silic0n, having even a Perfect opening round. It looked like Silic0n could be able to return the favor (the player actually was one hit away from winning the match). But that did not happen, and Zoi proceeded to the Losers Final.

Then, it was the turn of Arhkma MuddyKipz (with Powered Ciel) to start a match with Perfect. And he won the Losers Final despite having some very tough moments, like just a pixel of health to perform a comeback.

The closer the competition was to the Grand Final the less of that relaxed atmosphere was around. ScrawtVermillion did not play games this time and started directly with Kouma Kishima. What to say here… It was a nice destruction of the opponent, including a bitter time-out moment and a lot of command grabs.

ScrawtVermillion is the MBTL Champion at First Attack 2023. Congratulations!

Would you like to learn how to play Kouma Kishima from ScrawtVermillion? Here is his video guide on DashFight — please check it out.

First Attack 2023 | MBTL Results + Characters

1. ScrawtVermillion Red Arcueid, Kouma Kishima
2. Arhkma MuddyKipz Ciel, Powered Ciel
3. Zoi Hisui
4. Silic0n Red Arcueid
5. Mega
5. twang
7. Mimics
7. wish

First Attack 2023 continues with other fighting games, so stay tuned to DashFight not to miss anything interesting.

Meanwhile, Melty Blood: Type Lumina has two PSA Circuit 2 qualifiers on the same weekend, and one of them happens offline in New York.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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