Mainstage The perfect sendoff for the Wifi era and 2021 for SSBU fans

Sebastian Quintanilla
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Mainstage The perfect sendoff for the Wifi era and 2021 for SSBU fans
Images courtesy of Beyond the Summit
After two years we finally have one of the premier events in the scene comeback, and what a competition it will be!

Mainstage is Back

After a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, one of the most significant events for the Smash community has returned and it looks to be the biggest one of the year for Super Smash Bros ultimate players. As usual, the North American competition will have many powerful competitors to showcase the best there is to see in the game.

The open pool of players has over 800 players spread across 32 pools of which the best 4 will move on to the second round of pools, making it 128 players and then reducing that once more to the top 64 and finally one last time to feed the 16 player double-elimination bracket. 


The event will field Ultimate alongside Melee and, for the first time, Nick Brawl! But as a quick start: All the singles action starts on Saturday at 10 AM with the pools with top 64 in the evening times at 6 PM and running through to the night hours. Then on Sunday morning, the top 16 kicks off again at 10 AM until lunchtime, where Nick Brawl will be showcasing the top players only to bounce back to Top 8 of Ultimate at 2 PM.


Of course, all of this would be for naught if not for the paycheck in the end. At the time of writing, the total prize pool awarded at the event sums up to over $8k. Plus, the top six players in the competition will have a reserved seat for next year's Smash Ultimate Summit.

The Big Names

The event will not pull any punches with the caliber of players that are on site. MKLeo, Tweek, Sparg0, Maister, Tea, Light, and nearly every other NA-based player in the top 100 is taking part in the great open event.

You can watch the games live at Behind The Summit's Smash Twitch channel brought to life with the help of the fantastic commentating of  BAM, Charles, Coney, EE, Hazmatt, Max Ketchum, Rod, and TKbreezy.