Learn In-Matches Tricks in Episode 5 of Anakin’s Tekken Academy

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Learn In-Matches Tricks in Episode 5 of Anakin’s Tekken Academy
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The pro player explains how to convert your theoretical knowledge on the game into practical fighting skills.

Did you ever find yourself in a situation when you just can’t do anything specific in a Tekken 7 match? You have quite a lot of knowledge about some moves and probably even developed your strategy. But then the fight starts, and everything almost evaporates - the actions are so fast then you react only with reflexes, without really implementing those advanced techniques you have learned. Probably, most beginners were in similar situations. Of course, it’s not button mashing at all, and still, you should overcome this stage to play more effectively.

The new episode of the video series Class in Session: Anakin’s Tekken Academy is all about how to start acting thoughtfully in a match regardless of its lighting pace.

Anakin mentions one of the biggest problems for beginners in Tekken 7, Tunnel Vision, and explains how it prevents you from adapting to fast-changing situations.

Also, the pro player recommends taking into account the Life Bar. It can affect your decisions during the fight.


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