Kilzyou the Latest Frenchman to Qualify for Capcom Cup

Femi Famutimi
2 min
Kilzyou the Latest Frenchman to Qualify for Capcom Cup
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The young Frenchman continued the recent trend in Europe by taking victory against Akainu

We now have another representative from France joining Mistah Crimson in Capcom Cup and it is young Frenchman, Kilzyou. He took the CPT France/Portugal/Spain 2 from Akainu in an enthralling Grand Final which he won 3-1. Going into the tournament, many might have picked Luffy as their favorite to join Mistah Crimson, but considering his character problems and some general indifferent play, it was a chance for someone else to take it.

Another contender was VegaPatch who is an amazing player, but it was Kilzyou and his Karin that made it to Capcom Cup. His win continues a recent trend that has seen the European places taken by unexpected contenders. For instance, very few people would have expected The4Philzz to be the one to win in the UK, and in similar fashion when the Baltics had their tournament many were expecting Phenom to win, but it was Rikemansbarnet who showed some clutch form and took the tournament. 

Up next is North America/Canada Midwest which should see us welcome another contender for the Capcom Cup next year. The selection so far is a great mix between old heads like Daigo and Infiltration and newer faces like Higuchi and BillyDate. There is also a decent amount of character variety and it will be nice to see a few more characters make it. Incidentally, there is still no Ken or Ryu in Capcom Cup and while that's not ridiculously surprising, it does suggest where the games' protagonists are in the meta. 

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