How to Boost Your Defense in Tekken 7

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How to Boost Your Defense in Tekken 7
Below you can read a few tips, which will help you improve protection of your characters
How to improve defense in Tekken 7

Blocking in Tekken 7 is one of the most important elements in the game. In fact, this is an opportunity to either stop pressing the opponent (turn the game) or take a break for your pressure after the failure of the previous blow.

Here are some small tips on Blocking

  • Seize the initiative in battle immediately. Then you may simply not need to defend yourself. Press on your opponent, shower him with a hail of blows, bottom, top, bottom, bottom, top. Confuse him.
  • When your combo at close range is still blocked - just step back. Make your opponent confused. After all, he is already concentrated to start his combo and then you ... just step back and he already (in most cases) simply does not reach you
  • Do not trust the "standard" passive block, because professional players often use combos that breakthrough a passive block.
  • If you fall, either roll back a long-distance or use Double kick get up. You can see how to use this technique below.
Tekken 7 - What you can do after you are knocked down by rooflemonger

How to improve your defense in Tekken 7

  • Try to understand what the strongest attacks in the arsenal of your next opponent's fighter are. For example, Jack-7 has a mid kick to the stomach. So, don't put yourself in harm's way.
  • Don't risk tricky combos if you see your opponent is not a beginner
  • Practice in training mode - practice defense against the computer. It builds the necessary skill and is more useful than it seems

The top tip is to try to learn the enemy's habit and anticipate the attacks.

Remember that "Neutral" stops high and mid strikes, and "Down" (crouching) stops low strikes; no need to press "Back" in either case. Again, this works as long as you don't try to press "forward" or an attack button.

As player WaveKid wrote: "There are 2 kinds of lows in this game, unseeable low pokes and slow seeable sweeps. For the first one, there's basically nothing you can do it except read your opponent pattern. Tekken is not Street Fighter where crouch will block 90% of the moves. In Tekken random ducking is very dangerous since most mids can kill you on the spot (you basically duck expecting a low poke and get launched by a mid for half your life). For the second one, you just need to react since they are pretty slow and seeable. Don't blame yourself if you can't react to Dragunov's d2 or devil Jin's db2, they are unseeable. You need to analyze the opponent playing habit and duck accordingly, remember to just not randomly duck because in trying to avoid 20 damage of a low poke you may be launched for 80 or 90 damage".

How to break throws in Tekken 7

Throws and how to break them in Tekken 7

If you would like to learn the basics of blocking in Tekken 7, just click here. It will take about 3 minutes.

You will also probably find it useful to read the guide on how to control your character in Tekken 7. This is necessary to know which buttons are responsible for defensive movements in Tekken 7.

For the newcomers, we have a special guide on How to Play Tekken 7.

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