How to boost your attack in Tekken 7

Ilya Kravtsov
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How to boost your attack in Tekken 7
Do you want to be calm and attentive or aggressive and risky?

In order to learn how to attack in Tekken 7, first of all, check yourself, if you know how to control your character. This will be the first step towards improving your attacks.

Then you need to decide which fighting style is right for you. You can play aggressively, immediately seizing the initiative in battle.

You can also fight effectively in a defensive style. Then your task is to carry out mainly ranged attacks, for example, playing as Akuma - launching fireballs. In this case, maintain a distance between your opponent and yourself with the help of backing or dodging. Also, for defensive tactics, use balconies that expand the space of the battlefield.

Please note that sometimes, depending on the opponent, you will need to adjust and choose your fighting style accordingly. For example, we can advise you to act aggressively against JinPandaAkumaGigasGanryuJack-7NeganHwoarangKazumiEddy, and Yoshimitsu.

Learning attacks of any character in Tekken 7 by Massive Zug


Tekken also has a built-in attack boost for any character, which can be available to each character in every battle - Rage Art / Rage Drive. They can be activated when the character's health is close to zero. These attacks (and series of attacks) have a special power and can be activated with one button or a combination. This is a very helpful boost at the end of the battle.

Tekken 7 All Characters Rage Arts (with hit buttons) by Kratos GmRs

Coming back to the first stage, remember that Tekken 7 has hundreds of different attacking combinations. We recommend that you first choose your main character, and then study and train his main attacks. In this case, you will drastically narrow the scope of what you need to know in order to conquer new victories.

You can learn about them from our guides. How to boost your defense in Tekken 7 you can learn here.

For the newcomers, we have a special guide on How to Play Tekken 7.

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