How to block in Tekken 7

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How to block in Tekken 7
A successful block will increase your chances to win the fight

A successful block is something that can help you save the game in Tekken 7 when your health is near zero. You block the last hit or stop your opponent's combo, which was supposed to be the final one, and then gather your strength and start your combo series and win! Now back to the beginning - blocking.

There are two types of blocking in Tekken 7 - crouched and standing. The most common is standing. It helps block high attacks. To block such a blow, you need to pull back on the movement stick or d-pad when an opponent’s hit is about to connect with your fighter.

As stated above, the standing block will help you repel attacks to the head and torso, but will not protect against low attacks. You need a crouched block to defend against such attacks. So, for this you need to crouch, then pull back on the movement stick or d-pad to block.

To choose the right blocking option, you should study the most commonly used hits and combos of different Tekken characters to consider which attacks they prefer high or low. You can find this information here:

Yoshimitsu, King, JinKazuyaNinaLarsKuma/PandaAsukaPaulLawHwoarangLing XiaoyuLiliSteve Fox, Julia and Lei from Tekken 7.

Neutral guard

The neutral guard is a situation where you don't have to press anything to parry a normal blow to the torso or head. This way you can just stand still, not even moving away, and you will block many of your opponent's high punches. But it should be borne in mind that many combo attacks neutral guard does not block.

Here is the opinion of one of the players:

"In older versions of Tekken, the neutral guard was a good way to block and stay near to the spammy attacker, then punish because of negative frames on block.

But in this version of Tekken (Tekken 7), is so often on block (FREE, or CHEAP), and there are a lot of Rage and super moves who broke the neutral guard, so, in this game, everyone is going away. The neutral guard was nerfed".

Rage Arts strikes are the most difficult to block, but you can also block them if you choose the right moment to press the block. This requires more precision than blocking great shots.

It is also worth knowing that if you manage to block an opponent's combo, then for the next 1-2 seconds after your successful block, he will be especially vulnerable to your attack.

If you are wondering which buttons to use to attack in Tekken 7, please check out our guide here.

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