Guilty Gear -Strive- at Series E by Esports Arena

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Guilty Gear -Strive- at Series E by Esports Arena
It’s a great opportunity for amateur and semi-professional players.

We at DashFight love weekly online events. Such tourneys bring additional competitive motivation to the community and set clear goals for so many players. And one thing we love even more is when these weekly events build a bridge between amateur and professional fighting esports. That’s why it’s so cool to have Series E on our radars.

This event gives participants of the weekly tourneys Wednesday Night Fights a chance to take their career to the next level and get interesting sponsorship opportunities.

The tournament is organized by Esports Arena, and for the fighting games community, they have only one title, Guilty Gear -Strive-.

The scheme is pretty simple. First, you should join the WNF fights — obviously, that’s happening every Wednesday. That’s kind of an open qualifier; like this one:

WNF 2022 Episode 13, Guilty Gear -Strive- | Stream

Then, the best of the best from the qualifier get their invitations to regular Series E tournaments. They happen every Thursday; like this one:

If you are interested in joining the action, start with WNF. They publish similar announcements on their Twitter account.

If you want to enjoy GG Strive matches of a high level as a viewer, you can check out Series E directly:

Here are the results of the most recent Series E event:

An esports career requires consistency. You need to be dedicated to the practice process to boost your skills. And you need to try your best at every tourney possible — to get direct experience and prove your mastery.

WNF and Series E give an excellent opportunity! If you play Guilty Gear Strive and want to grow in this area, don’t sleep on it!

Who knows, maybe such events as Evo 2022 will be the next step in your fighting esports progression.