Dialga and Whisky are New Champions of SSBU NA Online Open

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Dialga and Whisky are New Champions of SSBU NA Online Open
Pic Source: Nintendo YouTube channel
Tight competition, amazing advantages, and bitter mistakes

On October 31, NintendoVS hosted the last part of their tournament Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North American Online Open October 2020. It was for players from the regions 3 & 4 and 5 & 6. The other regions fought around a week earlier, and 9superpie with MarkSDKing are the winners.

SSBU NA Online Open October 2020 - Regions 3 & 4

These players fought in the Winners Semi-Finals:

  • Gio (Ness) vs NuB (Joker) - 2:1
  • Shoe (Zero Suit Samus) vs Whisky (Robin) - 0:2

In the Winners Final, Whisky played significantly better than Gio. Even a change of the character in the second game (Sheil instead of Ness) couldn’t save the situation. Whisky won 2:0.

Shoe has become a hero of the Losers bracket. The player won Losers Semi-Final against NuB (2:1) and Losers Final against Gio (2:0). So, the Grand Final was:

  • Shoe vs Whisky

The players had a very tight fight, both winning rounds and games. Shoe had all the chances to reset the Grand Final, but in the decisive round, Whisky caught their luck and won 2:0 when both players had a bit above 100% of damage. 

SSBU NA Online Open October 2020 - Regions 5 & 6

In the Winners Semi-Finals, we saw these matches:

  • Null (Min Min) vs Shouko (Shulk / Joker) - 2:0
  • Dialga (Bayonetta) - Wisdom (Duck Hunt) - 2:0

Null and Dialga played in the Winners Final, and Bayonetta of Dialga was obviously much stronger than Min Min of Null. Dialga won 2:0. But that wasn’t the end of the fight for these players.

Null managed to win Losers Final against Wisdom (2:1) and proceeded to the Grand Final.

  • Dialga (Bayonetta) vs Null (Min Min) 

The Grand fight was very tough for both players. First, Null demonstrated the real power of Min Min and won the Grand Final 2:1.

The Grand Final Reset was significantly different. With excellent Bayonetta combos, Dialga had an early advantage in each game and only powerful comebacks helped Null get 1 point. Stull, the fight continued almost to the very end, but a bitter mistake of Null finished everything - Min Min couldn’t return to the stage in a seemingly simple situation. The final result is the victory of Dialga 2:1.

Congratulations to both champions!

NintendoVS organizes such tournaments regularly for various games, so we can expect to see a new part of this competition quite soon.

Meanwhile, the SSBU community can enjoy another esports event - Smash Bowl MMXXI.