DashFight Video Interview with Wellington "Konqueror249" de Castro

2 min
DashFight Video Interview with Wellington "Konqueror249" de Castro
Check out our video interview with Konqueror249, a fighting games player from Brazil, one of the best esports pros in the world

South America has lots of strong players, and Konqueror249 is definitely among the best. He is the winner of Liga Latina MK11 2019-20 and TRETA Championship 2019. At the end of 2020, Konqueror249 participated in the big invitational event MK11 WePlay Dragon Temple and finished 4th. 

DashFight had a chance to chat with this awesome guy - super powerful in the virtual world and friendly in reality. Our interview with Wellington "Konqueror249" de Castro is available on the DashFight YouTube channel

Among everything else, Konqueror249 talks about:

  • Start of his esports career
  • Experience of playing Sub-Zero
  • Dream character in Mortal Kombat 11
  • Latin American fighting games community
  • Present and future of esports
  • Gaming in general
  • and of course, Soccer

At Dragon Temple, Konqueror249 had lots of great matches, but he was stopped by Tekken Master in the Semi-Final and then by Hayatei in the Losers Round 3. Please, check out DashFight video interviews with these players too.

If you want to experience the other side of Konqueror249’s personality, watch him actually playing MK11. The closest such opportunity is WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 - its MK11 part is planned for March 25-28, and Wellington "Konqueror249" de Castro is one of the invited players.