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DashFight's Three Year Anniversary Rewind!

Sebastian Quintanilla
6 min

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DashFight's Three Year Anniversary Rewind!
A full three years, and it feels like we are just now getting started!

Time flies when you are having fun, and well, Fighting Games are a lot of fun. This is the third year of DashFight, and the whole team is beyond excited about what the next three will take us! We want to thank you, our community, our viewers, the players, the talent, the tournament organizers, the developers, publishers, and everyone that is part of the FGC. To say that without your passion for this genre, we could not do what we do, is an understatement.

DashFight Rewind – 3 Year Anniversary Special 🎂

Tournaments & Events

One of our most significant achievements this time has to be our on-site coverage of tournaments. We love to talk with the people who are there, on the ground floor of these events playing, watching, or organizing. Their passion is impossible to contain, as so is ours.

WePlay Ultimate Fighting League (2020)

Our first on-site event was WePlay's Ultimate Fighting League, bringing pros from all over the FGC to compete in a grand tournament. We had the privilege to be a media partner for the event and produced player interviews and recaps of each of the exciting matches that unfolded.

WUFL Interviews playlist

Evo (2022)

Although the global pandemic forced us, and much of the FGC to take our passion indoors, we were determined to go out there once more and be on site for what has come to be known as the premier fighting games event of the year. Evo. This time, we brought friends along to help us get in touch with the people competing, commentating, and organizing at the event. All accompanied by our recaps at the end of every top 8.

Evo 2022 Interviews playlist

Evo Japan (2023)

Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long for another chance to travel the world, as Evo Japan made its return in 2023. In the heartland of fighting games we had a chance to speak with many of the top players in that region and bring you their experiences with the event.

Evo Japan 2023 interview playlist

Combo Breaker (2023)

The last major before the release of Street Fighter 6, undeniably there was a buzzing energy around in the land of no coast and no kings. The excitement to once again be part of one of North America's premier events was infectious with commentators, players, and viewers all passionately arriving to enjoy the best fighting games have to offer. Of course, we had to be there this time, and speak with the people on the ground floor with all those interviews soon releasing on our Youtube!


To think that just a few years ago we only covered a handful of games. Today, that number has grown to 14 different titles, and you know Tekken 8 and Mortal Kombat 1 will join the list soon! From Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 5, and Mortal Kombat to now a new generation of (almost) all of those titles. The fighting games scene has grown massively, and although those main franchises will always have a special place in our hearts, all the games we cover are important to us!

Players Profiles & Interviews

Believe it or not, we also recently hit another major milestone; we’ve reviewed over 100k players from all over the FGC, with over 12k of them with their very own profile pages detailing their tournament results, social media, and bios. From the very beginning, we wanted to highlight the competitors; they are at the center of what makes the FGC shine. Their passion for these games, their work on improving their skills, and their drive to be the best they can be are all stories we want to share. Be it in their tournament results or when we have the opportunity to interview them and ask them what their experience in the scene has been.


Of course, we couldn't do all this on our own, so we want to highlight the amazing Jammerz, Hanna, Arya, and our multiple on-site camera persons for all their amazing work, lending us their talent and experience to give you all the best FGC content we can make!

The DashFight Podcast


Fighting Games are constantly getting better at teaching new platters, but there is always room to help bridge the gap, something we love doing with our extensive guides for single players, special modes, and competitive, including collaborating with pro players from all over the FGC to bring you their experience.

DashFight's Guides

Our Community

Last but absolutely not least is you, our community, the over 4 Million people who have watched our interviews, read our guides, checked tournament results on our site, or just shared their love for the FGC in any of our content. We are here because of you and your constant feedback that makes us better every day. So, we want to thank you, once again, for reading our articles, watching our videos, and listening to our voices. It's been an incredible three years, and we know the next few will be even better!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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