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CPT Nordic/Baltic 2022: A Tale of Domination

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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CPT Nordic/Baltic 2022: A Tale of Domination
The Scandinavian nations were out in full force in this tournament but there was to be only one winner

We have another participant in the Capcom Cup IX to take place next year in the person of Phenom who won the CPT tournament in his region. Phenom came into the tournament as the favorite, and he did not disappoint, dispatching Rikemansbarnet 3-1 to take his place among the qualifiers for Capcom Cup next year.

The Nordic/Baltic region has seen a lot of recent growth, and last year we got a surprise as it was Rikemansbarnet who won the tournament with his Menat. He made his way to grand finals, but this time, Phenom was ready for him and won. 

Top 8

Top 8 saw a lot of domination as the first four matches ended in 3-0 wins for the winners. We saw a lot of character variety, but Luke was perhaps the most successful character in the tournament as we saw two of the top 3 players use him. 

While Phenom was the star of the show with his win, we cannot but mention Rikemansbarnet whose Menat was a total menace to everyone he faced. There aren't many high-level Menat players in the world, but Rikemansbarnet must be considered one of them as his ability to deal damage along with his insane defense meant that he was almost impossible to crack. Interestingly, Rikemansbarnet was sent to losers' by Yonzai in top 16 and then went on an absolute tear in losers defeating everyone 3-0 (including Yonzai who sent him down) until Grand Finals against Phenom where he was unable to defend against the experience and offensive power of Phenom. He did try to bring it back from the brink with some amazing play, but he lost out eventually. 

Rikemansbarnet's attempted comeback

Veggey was also nice to see, and he would eventually finish the tournament in 5th. His Birdie has only gotten better and better and it was a shame that he went down to Yonzai who was also very impressive with his Bison play. 

In Phenom's winner interview, he was very gracious towards his opponent stating that Rikemansbarnet is an underrated player who too many people are sleeping on. He also pointed out how much his region has grown, highlighting Rikemansbarnet's rise to the top starting last year.

When asked if he would continue with the World Warrior events (which he has now won thrice) he said he would like to win them all to improve his bragging rights. But, he also mentioned that he would not want to be in the final qualifier as he doesn't want to gatekeep and give everyone a fair chance.

In addition, Phenom said he would be wary of Momochi at Capcom Cup due to the latter's proficiency with Cody who seems to have a better time against Luke than most of the cast. He mentioned Mister Crimson as a potential problem player and said he'll look at his own cast of characters and choose who would work best against his opponents. 

There aren't many CPT tournaments left, but you can be sure we'll cover every single one on DashFight.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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