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Collision 2022 Tournament Results, narratives building in 2022 SSBU

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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Collision 2022 Tournament Results, narratives building in 2022 SSBU
The Season has just begun for Super Smash Bros Ultimate competitive scene, but we are already seeing the field tidy up.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate competitive scene is well underway, and it has already given us some exciting surprises. Collision 2022, the New Jersey major, came and went over the weekend and attracted a good number of top players ready to get going ahead of the opening gold and platinum events of the Smash World Tour, the first of which is Vituocity Smash Open this coming week.

Collision 2022 Top 4

1st - Sparg0: The Mexican kicked off his year well, winning two coinboxes back to back against thought competition, then went on to win Summit 4 a few weeks back and has now secured another major victory here. If he continues and wins Verocity, he will be kicking off a two-month winning streak, something he is very familiar with. Same time last year, he did the same thing but then unceremoniously dropped it at an online event.

Worth noting that he has in fact returned to his iconic Cloud too, Putting aside Pyra & Mythra after a few set losses in the first round in Collision. Whether that means he will stick to his choice going forward or bounce between them regularly is yet to be seen, but it seem he is feeling more comfortable on the character as of late.

2nd Tweek: A fan favorite for the American audiences, Tweek has been slowly trickling into the upper ranks at majors. But as before, consistency is proving elusive but achievable. At Summit he secured a top 6 finish and seems to have left his character crisis of late 2021 behind, where he was playing Wolf, Wario, and Diddy Kong at one point. Now He secures a second-place at Collision. In the man's own words, he feels motivated to continue grinding away at goals he now sees as reachable.

3rd MKLeo: A rare sight indeed. After a 2021 season that saw him at every single finals match, this string of events to start is something else. So rare that many are asking if what the top player needs is to return to his prodigy pick, Joker. As stated earlier, Sparg0 put his faith in his iconic Cloud, delivering him a victory. Could the Persona 5 protagonist do the same for MKLeo? According to him, no. He is fine with his current choice and believes there is room to improve, which is motivating him at the moment.

There is plenty of time in the year to get wins, especially, as the skills he has already forged will help him make top appearances at virtually every event in the Smash World Tour calendar. As he puts it, losing to Tweek and Sparg0 is still a victory.

4th Riddles: A surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one. Riddles' Terry mastery was able to propel him to a 4th place finish, a position he reaches on rarely. At Glitch infinite a few weeks back he tapped out on the Round of 64, and before that he had been seen in Coinbox, finishing 12th and 32nd in his two outings. Riddles seems to have the electric energy needed to punch well above his height sometimes, and if Collision was a letter of intent to pursue higher finishes more consistently, it could be a great sign for the Canadian.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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