Clash Of The Titans Invitational Announcement

Ilya Kravtsov
Feb 16 20211 min
Clash Of The Titans Invitational Announcement
A new tournament awaits us in the Mortal Kombat universe

A new big event is scheduled for the coming spring in the Mortal Kombat community. On March 5, the big MK 11 tournament - Clash Of The Titans Invitational is to begin. Its prize pool will be $ 5,000.

Among the Clash Of The Titans Invitational participants, there were many stars who participated in the largest MK-tournament of winter - WePlay Dragon Temple.

These are such players as Hayatei, 2EZ, Forever King, Infinitii, Grr. And these are not all gamers who will play with each other for large cash prizes.

The games are expected to start on March 5.

The broadcast is organized here (Twitch).

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