Capcom Revise Controversial Community License Agreement

Femi Famutimi
2 min
Capcom Revise Controversial Community License Agreement
The Street Fighter publisher has released a new set of guidelines

Capcom has released a statement updating the community license agreement that was announced back in March. In a bid to reduce the stress of obtaining a community license, Capcom created a blanket community license agreement that made the application process easier. Unfortunately, in its effort to define what a community event is, Capcom placed certain restrictions that only made it more difficult for tournament organizers to run Street Fighter V at their events. 

One of such prohibitive provisions was the limiting of community prize pools to $2000 an event. There were also other problems, and you can check out our article about that here. Capcom revisited the issue in a blog post and extended some sympathy for the issue. In the blog post, which you can read here, they claimed that the purpose was to make the life of TOs easier instead of harder and that the use of the license was to properly differentiate community events from commercial events, which would need a different type of license. 

In the new community guideline, they increased the prize pool for local community events from $2000 to $10000 and completely eradicated the annual prize pool limit. They also increase the sponsorship limit from $5000 an event to $6000 an event and the yearly sponsorship limit from $20000 to $30000

One of the biggest issues with the last license was the provision that gave Capcom rights over videos and images used at any event with a license. Photographers and talent heavily disputed this as they felt this would infringe on their rights. Capcom has taken a step back in this regard and has stated that if they see footage that they like, they will contact the TO to procure rights to use such footage. 

All in all, this is good news and should go some way in repairing the relationship between Capcom and the community.