A Schedule for the Fun Live Events

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A Schedule for the Fun Live Events
Bandai Namco revealed a schedule for the upcoming online events. Alas, we don’t see anything Tekken related.

With the lack of physical esports events for Tekken 7 and silence about the future content, the fighting games community starts imagining things. The recent announcement of the Fun Live events by Bandai Namco created hopes for the reveal of Season 4 in Tekken 7. We’ve got more info on the presentations, and no signs of Tekken can be found there.

First, the Taiwan site of Bandai Namco posted the schedule for Fun Live. Then, Coryoon translated it for the whole world. 

Let’s not be too upset. Something is definitely coming to Tekken 7, and we are strong enough to be patient and wait for the proper official reveal. Meanwhile, why not remember the history of the Tekken games series?