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4v4 Event Based on the MK Movie Poster This Weekend

Sebastian Quintanilla
6 min

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4v4 Event Based on the MK Movie Poster This Weekend
Image courtesy of Warner Brothers
What better way to hype yourself over the upcoming MK Film than to enjoy some good lore-friendly Kombat!

We are only a month away from the release of the new Mortal Kombat movie, which so far promises to deliver exactly what fans of the series want most. Good visceral combat. If you are as excited as us to see what Warner Brothers has put together for the final release, then you might also enjoy this poster accurate short event put together by the organizer Connor "Conflictus" Nelson from the UK staring a handful of top players split into Earthrealm and Outworld teams.


Protecting Earthrealm:

  • Murko - as Scorpion
  • MK_Azerbaijan - as Sonya
  • TC_Paobrr - as Jax
  • Bloodeyezz - as Rain
The format is amazing! This is actually the best way to provide team battles. Firstly, everyone takes the same responsibility in the team. You won't carry or get carried in such format :) Most importantly, it is hype and fun content for the audience.
I'm also pretty excited about the event itself and its format. Never done a 4vs4 structured like this, but the adrenaline Is already running in the veins. And about Sonya, well...in pretty sure She Will not Just cover Jax's backs but all the team backs. We are ready to set everything on Fire.
The format looks amazing so far. I’m a Kompetitive player, so I’m more into tournaments, but I’m always up for a fight, whether it’s a tourney or not. I wish I could represent Cole Young innit, but instead of him, I’ll go with Rain as he is one of my favourite character in this universe.

The powerful Outworld:

  • Conflictus - as Sub-Zero
  • Disarted - as Shang Tsung
  • MakoraN - as Mileena
  • Zoker - as Kabal
The trailer was amazing! I really enjoyed the old MK movie and I can't wait to watch the new one. I'm looking forward to this event, executions are always mad fun formats. They are always unique in their own way, definitely, the show match format is superior to me.
Regarding the trailer, I am very interested to see the movie, especially for Kabal. I think it will be a good movie, but I don't have high expectations.
The trailer did look cool, though, for sure. I'm just going to watch it with an open mind, and let's see how it will turn out. It is actually the first time I'm going to play in this type of format. So I'm not quite sure which one is better. But, both are definitely unique and have their own benefits.

Murko and Zoker recently joined RIZE Gaming, but for this competition, the two will be up against each other, on this Murko said:

There's no rivalry between us two, we will just play and have fun!

As Cole Young, the sudo-protagonist of the upcoming Mortal Kombat film is not in the game as far as anyone knows, Bloodeyezz will be playing Rain to fill in for that space. Here are his thoughts on the character:

The reason behind playing Rain [...] as my main is basically his movement. I don’t like to play ‘Meta’ characters just to win something, so I’m going with my fav one. It takes a lot of work to play him, but he's fast and swaggy play style fits me completely...

Format, Prize pool, and Where to Watch!

Event format, dates:

For this event, each team will put forth a player for a 1v1 first to five rounds set. Once player losses, they are taken off the series. The first team to win four sets wins it all. The action kicks off this Friday, the 19th at 6PM GMT (2PM EDT or 11AM PDT). The teams will be competing for $100 and the event will be streamed over at Conflictus Twtich channel with commentary from @_LadyValentine and @kevinmcolon

Honestly, my first and foremost thought is for everyone to have a good time, there has been a negative influx of drama in the community so hosting a fun tournament like this is just honestly a good break from all of that, and it's something alot of people are excited for! I also want to use this tournament as well to showcase the ability of the EU scene, we have some insanely strong powerhouses, such as Murko and Zoker being the best Scorpion and Kabal in EU right now and definitely one of the best in the world, so I like to put people over and showcase the amazing talent of what the EU scene is capable of!
Connor "Conflictus" Nelson
Though I am meeting a fair amount of these competitors for the first time I have been a fan of them behind the scenes for a while now! Most notably LadyValentine, DarthConflictus, Azerbaijan, and of course the DashFight organization in general.
When it comes to commentators biases, personally, even if your friends and a supporter of a certain player specifically, commentators gotta be unbiased. It's about the game and the match. I think that's so important. So I'll be supporting everyone equally. Just wanna see some good MK and entertain people.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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