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Last updated :Jul 2, 2024


A short fluffy ball of fur with big wide eyes and even bigger ears! just make sure to not let him in the sunlight, touch water, or feed them after midnight.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Mobility: 5

  • Weight: 2

  • Damage: 4

  • Ranged: 8

  • Support: 6

Patch Notes


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Believed to be a normal and tranquil pet, Gizmo was given his name by his adoptive owner Randall, who was explicitly told three fundamental rules to take care of Gizmo. To not let him under sunlight, as that would kill it. Do not let it touch water, and do not feed it after midnight. One day Gizmo would come to contact with water, creating five more, one of which was Stripe. These new little pets would eventually trick Billy, Randall’s friend, into feeding them after midnight, causing them to turn into evil Gremlins.


Gizmo, compared to the other Mogwai, as they are called, is far calmer and, through his time with Randall, builds a bond with him. Nevertheless, as part of its nature, Gizmo is a little mischievous and especially clever for a critter his size. He is, perhaps, the most docile and caring of all the Mogwai, as he shows agency in protecting innocents and helping those in need.


Gizmos passive, Time to Listen, allows him to silence opponents after stacking sufficient Music debuffs. He is designated as a supporting character, focusing on proving utility for himself and his allies. Especially powerful against other projectile-based opponents.


A fluffy ball of fur with gigantic ears relative to his body. A white and brown coat adorns him. Three fingers per hand and 3 toes on his feet. For the standards of the 80s, this is as cute as you could get.

Key Information

Type: Mage

Weight: Light

Style: Hybrid

Debut: 1984, Gremlins

Franchise: Gremlins

Availability: Base Game, October 8th 2022

Cost: 1000 Gleamium, 3000 Fighter Tokens

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