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A mild-mannered leader and a fierce fighter. Parasoul is, without a doubt, destined to lead the Canopy Kingdom just like her father before her.Know more

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Parasoul Guide

Parasoul is one of eight original Skullgirls characters. Sure, the game has significantly changed since the initial release, and so did Parasoul. But still, she is the same strong and versatile. You get very effective fighting tools with her, but naturally, you should overcome some weaknesses.

This guide on DashFight is all about Parasoul and how to play her in Skullgirls 2nd Encore.

The Princess

Being a king’s daughter might seem a dream, but the life story of Parasoul is not that bright. The darkness fell upon the girl early, when she was just a teenager. Her mother, the queen of Canopy Kingdom, made a terrible mistake and used Skullheart for her impure desires. She turned into a Skullgirl, and Parasoul had to fight her. With help of other brave warriors, this Skullgirl was defeated. But Parasoul lost both parents as her father died in the battle.

Now, Parasoul rules her kingdom. And she is actually good at this role. She deeply cares for her sister, Umbrella, and for the country. Parasoul is a person of action, so she’s always ready to fight for her people.

Parasoul in Skullgirls

The character is present in the original game, and naturally, you can play Parasoul in Skullgirls Encore and Skullgirls 2nd Encore. She is also available in the mobile version.


Parasoul has strong normals. Her neutral moves cover a big range, they are quick, and provide the character with a good variety of mixups. Parasoul has substantial advantages on the ground, but her air movement is slow and limited — she has no air dash and double jump.

Explosive tears provide Parasoul with many options for offense and defense. Various shooting methods and ways to explode tears give players a space to be creative with this character. In general, Parasoul is versatile and gives you many interesting tools in Skullgirls matches.

Best Buttons

Normals of Parasoul are generally very good. Let’s highlight some of them.

  • 5LP is super strong and reaches far. Press twice to land two hits. It’s an excellent tool to check your opponent. Parasoul’s 5LP is unsafe on block, though: -6 first hit and -7 second. It would be better to not use it without a continuation.
  • 2LP has much better frame data than the standing Light Punch, but its range is not impressive. 2LP is +4 on block. It is also +3 on hit. This attack is great part of Parasoul’s combos.
  • j.LP is another disjointed attack with a good range. It’s a good air-to-air tool. Can be easily chained into any other move.
  • 6LP is an overhead. It’s +1 on block, and you can chain it into Parasoul’s normals. The recovery is low, 12 frames, so you can do safe 50/50 mixups in some situations.
  • 2MP — while standing and jumping Medium Punches are good mostly for detonating tears in combos, the Crouching one is just remarkable. 2MP hits twice. It helps Parasoul keep a safe distance and effectively pressure her opponents. Use 2MP as a poke and anti-air tool.
  • 6MP is very good for mixups. Parasoul keeps standing during the move animation, so an opponent expects getting an overhead, but 6MP hits low.
  • j.HP is a big disjointed hit. Use this move on its own to control the space and as a good air-to-air tool. Pay attention to its detonation abilities — they are effective thanks to the range.
  • 6HP has a remarkable range and adds significant damage to your combos. It might be tricky to use though. You need some practice to learn how to confirm after it.
  • 5LK has less range than the standing Light Punch, but this attack is also fast. It’s an effective checking tool. Press the button twice, and Parasoul will hit twice. You can combo 5LK into 5HP or Light Napalm Shot.
  • 2LK is great for a neutral game. Use it for mixups or to open up your opponent and start the combo action. 2LK hits low. It has +1 on block, +2 on hit.
  • j.LK is another very good air-to-air tool. It is similar to the jumping Light Punch, but it hits a bit higher. You might prefer the kick if an opponent is right above Parasoul.
  • j.4LK is a cross-up move that hits three times. Make Parasoul jump over her opponent and activate j.4LK on the way down. The move is very plus on block (+20) and hit (+18).
  • 2MK hits low and moves Parasoul a bit forward, so the range is good. You can use it after 2LK. It’s an excellent tool to catch opponents and support your pressure.
  • j.MK has a unique floating feature. Hold the button, and Parasoul will significantly slow down her fall. In this floating state, you can change her position left-right, cancel the move into air normals, or detonate tears for the rocket jump. This attack opens various creative options in a fight.
  • j.2MK can be very useful in pressure, but the move rather situational. It’s a very quick overhead.
  • j.HK is effective for corner pressure and general offensive style of Parasoul. It hits five times, and the first one is overhead. You can cancel into j.214L or j.LK to get other overheads.
  • 4HK is a mighty overhead. Use it to end your chains. It’s an important tool for Parasoul’s mixups.

Parasoul’s Specials

Two significant features of this character in Skullgirls 2nd Encore are spreading explosive tears all over the stage and calling for soldiers. Tears are important for both defense and offense. They are part of Parasoul’s combo game. Soldiers provide some helpful support for their princess. Special Moves of Parasoul are whirling around tears and solders.

To shoot tears, use Napalm Toss or Napalm Trigger.

  • Napalm Toss, 214LP/MP/HP — Parasoul throws a tear. The trajectory changes with the button used: Light, Medium, or Heavy. If you hold the button, a tear will drop whenever you release it. There is ground and air versions with different trajectories. This move helps Parasoul set up the basis for your gameplan.
  • Napalm Shot, [4]6LP/MP/HP — these projectiles are actually more similar to shots than to throws by their trajectory. The detonation time for such tears is shorter. And most importantly, Napalm Shots have hitboxes, so they hit an opponent and ignite other tears. Napalm Shot is crucial for Parasoul’s success.

Tears explode automatically after some time, but you can detonate them with Napalm Trigger or ignite with Napalm Quake, Napalm Pillar, and many other moves (5MP, 5HP, 2MP, 2HP, j.LP, j.MP, j.HP, j.MK, j.HK, 6MP, j.4LK, Napalm Shot).

  • Napalm Trigger, [2]8LK, detonates tears remotely, but this move doesn’t hit on its own. Detonation with Napalm Trigger is manual, so the explosion is bigger.
  • Napalm Quake, [2]8MK, ignites tears if the explosion reaches them. Napalm Quake hits low. It’s a good tool for Parasoul’s combo game. You can cancel it into a Super.
  • Napalm Pillar, [2]8MK, creates a bigger explosion to ignite tears and hit an opponent. It’s an invulnerable reversal, very useful for combos and for dealing additional damage. It combos into Parasoul’s Super Moves. Napalm Pillar is rewarding alight, but it is also very risky. If an opponent knows how to jump out of it, your character will be in an unpleasant situation.

Three other Special Moves of Parasoul summon soldiers. Only one can be on the screen at a time, so if you summon another one, the previous soldier will disappear.

  • Egret Call, [4]6LK — the soldier actually does nothing except of proclaiming something in his language. The move is used as a Special Cancel from normals, and it’s often compared to Roman Cancel from Guilty Gear.
  • Egret Dive, [4]6MK — this soldier positions himself in front of Parasoul to absorb projectiles and a hit. No projectile or beam can hit the princess while the soldier is there. But after one physical hit, the guy disappears. Parasoul gets a bit of the meter with every projectile absorbed. The soldier is not effective against Assists, but he also remains on the screen when an assist opponent hits him.
  • Egret Charge, [4]6HK — the soldier drives into the stage on a bike. He grabs the opponent, carries them to the corner, and smashes onto the wall. On the one hand, it’s easy to deal with this Special, as an opponent can simply hit the soldier and thus get rid of him. But on the other hand, if you add Egret Charge to Parasoul’s combos, it becomes significantly safer. The move is very helpful as corner carry, where the princess is pretty strong.

Super Moves of Parasoul in Skullgirls

All three Supers of Parasoul have pretty effective use in Skullgirls fights.

  • Silent Scope (Sniper), 236 PP — this Level 1 Super is great. The scope tracks your opponent and shoots. Their invulnerability is not an obstacle, as the move makes a pause for 60 frames in this case or shot an assist character. Use Silent Scope in your Delayed Hyper Combo (DHC) as you cannot miss with it. To make the move safe, activate it while Parasoul is at some distance from an opponent.
  • Motor Brigade (Bikes), 236 KK, is also a Level 1 Super, and it’s a bit similar to Egret Charge. Parasoul summons six soldiers, and they drive into the stage on their bikes. The soldiers don’t grab an opponent for a wall bounce but directly hit them. The Super might help you with damage if you are able to land all three hits (an opponent can hit and eliminate some soldiers). Projectiles explode those minions. It is also possible to interrupt the summoning process — if an opponent attacks Parasoul, less soldiers appear on the stage. Motor Brigade is a pretty good tool for screen control.
  • Inferno Brigade, 214 PP — this Level 3 Super combines summoning soldiers and shoots from Krieg, Parasoul’s living weapon. The move is not really damaging, but it has some advantages. You can easily combo into Inferno Brigade. And you can cancel It into Egret Call — do this when the shots are charging, so Parasoul can move while the projectiles are hitting an opponent. With Egret Call, the Super becomes much safer to use.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Parasoul has very strong normal moves — quick and with a good range. She confidently controls the ground game and has versatile specials to let players emphasize their fighting style.

Explosive tears are great for offense. They open interesting combo opportunities. And you have a few ways to spread them across the stage and then detonate.

Parasoul’s Sniper Super (Silent Scope) is one of the best in the entire game. It is so good for safe switches to other characters from your team.

Parasoul has effective mixups thanks to her overheads. The character is terrifying in corners, and thanks to Egret Charge, she can quickly and easily take the fight to this position.

Being a versatile character is quite a strength for Parasoul. After figuring out what her tears and soldier are capable of, you get many ways to express your fighting creativity.

The air game in general is rather a weakness for Parasoul. Her air movement is slow, and she doesn’t have air dash or double jump. Even her fighting capabilities in the air are not good — a lot thanks to her specific hurtboxes while jumping.

Defense might be a bit tricky with Parasoul, and you should adapt to her tools. Opponents who are familiar with Parasoul’s features can successfully exploit some gaps in her defense.

Gameplan with Parasoul

A lot depends on your personal preferences with this character. Parasoul is versatile, and this means you have various options with her. Spend a decent amount of time experimenting with your approaches to fights and find out what in Parasoul’s moveset is in tune with your style.

In general, it’s a good idea to start with your ground pressure and use this offensive activity for setting up tears and gaining the meter. Thus, you will have a basis for shifting towards much more damaging techniques then just normals.

Parasoul is very good at constant pressure. Use her mixups to make an opponent commit mistakes.

Avoid taking the game to the air. Stick to the ground, the most effective position for Parasoul.

Parasoul in Skullgirls Teams

Arguably the best team position for this character is Point. She benefits strongly from having good assists in her disposal. Thanks to the Super Moves (especially Sniper), it’s easy for you to DHC into other characters from your team.

Sometimes, Parasoul is played as an Anchor — thanks to the value of her assists.

She is also a good solo character, not the best in the game but still pretty decent.

Parasoul’s Assists

Many players prefer to use her Napalm Pillar Assist as a defensive tool.

Also, you can see the LP version of Napalm Shot Assist taken for Parasoul. It’s a choice for offensive tactics.

Combos for Parasoul in Skullgirls

This character greatly rewards brave experiments with her moveset — it’s part of her being versatile. Mess with Parasoul in training and then bring your ideas into real fights. Maybe combos from this list will help you direct your creativity and come up with something extraordinary damaging.

  • 2LK -> 2MK -> 2HK
  • 2LK -> 2MK -> 5HPx2 -> [2]8HK -> 236KK
  • 2LK -> 2MK -> 5HPx2 -> [4]6LP -> 5LPx1 -> 5MP -> 2HK
  • 2LK -> 2MK -> 5HPx2 -> [4]6LP -> 5LPx1 -> 5MP -> [4]6LK -> Dash -> 5LKx2 5MKx2 -> 5HPx2 -> [2]8HK -> 236KK
  • 2LK -> 2MK -> 2HP -> [2]8HK OTG 2HK -> [4]6LP -> 5MP -> 5HPx2 -> [4]6LP -> 5LKx2 -> 5HK -> [2]8LK -> 2MK -> 6HP -> [4]6LP -> 5LPx2 -> 5MKx2 -> 5HPx2 -> [2]8HK -> 236KK
  • 2LK -> 2MK -> 5HPx2 -> [4]6LP -> 5MP -> 4HK -> [4]6LK -> Dash -> 5MKx1 -> 2HP -> Delay -> j.LP -> Delay -> j.LK -> j.MP -> re-jump -> j.MK -> j.HK -> re-stand -> 5LKx2 -> 5MKx2 -> 5HPx2 -> [2]8HK -> 236KK
  • 4LP+LK OTG [4]6HK -> Dash to the corner -> 5HPx2 -> [4]6LP -> 5MP -> 4HK -> [4]6LK -> j.MK -> j.HK -> 2MK -> 6HP -> [4]6LP -> 5LKx2 -> 2MK -> 6HP -> 214LK -> 5LPx2 -> 2MP -> 6HP -> [2]8HK -> 236KK
  • 4HK -> [4]6LK -> Dash OTG 5HP -> [4]6LP -> 5MP -> [4]6LP -> Dash -> 5MK -> 5HP -> [4]6LP -> Dash -> 5LK -> 5HP -> [4]6LP -> Dash -> 5LP -> 2MK -> 6HP -> [2]8HK -> 236KK

Parasoul is not a simple character as you need to develop understanding of her tears and some skills of using them in combos and defense. Still, Skullgirls is not a simple fighting game in general. After putting a decent amount of effort into this character, you will be rewarded with her versatility, strong normals, and team usefulness. Do you like Parasoul at first glance? Then go play her! And let this guide show you the best direction in your practice.

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