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Kilik Guides

Kilik fights with a rod in Soulcalibur, and that makes him effective at a long range. Also, the character uses middle- and close-range techniques. Kilik is versatile, with decent offensive and defensive options. His story is a desperate battle against Soul Edge as he carries evil inside.Know more

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Kilik Guide

What’s most important for you while choosing your character in a fighting game? Someone prefers unique personalities with impressive background. Many players pay attention mostly to archetypes, to how it feels to play their fighter. Soulcalibur Kilik is an interesting choice for both of these approaches. Like most other heroes of the series, this guy has a fascinating story, with a deep tragedy, noble intentions, and complicated romantic relationships. And his fighting style is both versatile and effective.

Fighting archetypes are created by the weapons in Soulcalibur. Kilik has a staff (or rod). That gives the player powerful long- and mid-range tools. But also, Kilik has strong close-range options — even if this style is not the most comfortable for him.

The moveset of this SC6 character changes significantly with Soul Charge activated. Such a transformation adds some depth to Kilik and opens for you new opportunities — you get rather a rushdown character.

Kilik is a remarkable fighter, and you totally might consider making him your main. Let’s delve into details on how to play Kilik in Soulcalibur VI with this character guide on DashFight!

Who’s Kilik?

Stories of Soulcalibur fighters are not really significant for the most exciting part of the game, multiplayer fights. And still, the vibes from those backgrounds are pretty tangible and help players build emotional connections to their characters.

As a child, Kilik was abandoned. He found a new home and a new family in the Ling-Sheng Su temple, where monks practiced a unique type of martial arts. Kilik met a girl here, Xianglian. The children become very close to each other — like brother and sister.

Monks taught Kilik how to fight with a rod in his hands. The boy succeeded a lot on this path, and the temple’s authorities decided to grant him a sacred treasure, the Kali-Yuga rod. Xianglian also got a similar honor. Her treasure was the mirror Dvapara-Yuga.

Right before the ceremony, the horrible event of Evil Seed started. The power of the cursed sword spread negative energy that covered the minds of the monks and Kilik with dark emotions. Only Xianglian remained untouched by the madness. She attached Dvapara-Yuga to Kilik’s clothes while the guy couldn’t control himself and used his skills to kill everyone around. Alas, Kilik had to pay an awful price for this sacrifice — without the mirror, Xianglian became a victim of that evil madness. Kilik had to kill her…

All his following life turned into a journey of revenge. He wanted to destroy Soul Edge and went through many difficulties to achieve this goal. Kilik learned fighting techniques from a mysterious master. He met new friends: Maxi and Xianghua, who shared his intention.

Eventually, Kilik realized that his feelings toward Xianghua are something more than friendship. The only thing that did not allow this love to bloom was the deep resemblance of Xianghua to Xianglian. That death is a heavy burden on Kilik’s heart.

Best Buttons

Move lists of Soulcalibur 6 characters are enormous, and it’s really hard to highlight only a few of them. It is especially true for such characters as Kilik, who has the all-rounder spirit in his moveset. It would be a good idea to try out different stuff with him and pick up something you personally like the most.

Still, let’s be brave and list some of the best attacks for Kilik. They might direct your practice with the character.

  • AA — use this attack at a close range.
  • 2A — it’s remarkable thanks to its speed. You can interrupt the actions of your opponent and break their pressure. 
  • 1A — it’s a low attack, very good for mix-ups.
  • 44A — it’s a very good poke. It affects the opponent at quite a distance, hitting high. The natural follow-up is 44AA, where the second hit is low.
  • 3A — the range of this attack is slightly smaller than 44A, and it’s a mid hit. 3A is safe on block.
  • 4A — it hits low. The attack is fast, really hard to react to. It’s one of the best mid-range opening tools. Try to spam it one after another, four times.
  • 6A — this quick attack can be used as a counter for side steps.
  • BB — this double attack is pretty quick and has a decent range. It hits even if the opponent is on the ground.
  • 66B — it’s a very fast attack, and Kilik approaches the opponent with it. With the following 6, you can go to Monument Stance (236).
  • 66A — its range is bigger than of 66B, but the attack is a bit slower. Use it to attack a side-stepping opponent. It’s safe on block.
  • 2A+B — use it for applying knock-down. The attack is relatively slow, and that’s why it's risky, but the range is excellent, and you might want to use 2A+B in your mixups (it hits low).
  • 6A+B — this move is highly damaging. Use it as a combo starter. Be aware that it’s unsafe on block.
  • 3B — it’s a reliable launching option that allows you to activate various follow-ups.
  • 44B — this poke has a very long range, so it’s a good tool for whiff punishing. The downside is being risky on block (-18). A+B is very similar, less risky, but also slower.
  • 22B — this launching attack is good as a whiff punisher. 
  • 1K — it’s a quick low kick for rather a close range.
  • 4K — this kick is a very effective mid-range attack. 4KB is a very fast follow-up.
  • 236 — it’s a defensive trick, Monument Stance. Kilik places the rod in front of himself to parry the opponent’s horizontal attacks.
  • 214 — use Back Parry Stance to parry vertical attacks.


Long-range attacks are powerful in Kilik’s moveset. The character is fast, and you should use the speed to your advantage.

Still, the playstyle of Kilik is not focused only on long- or mid-range options. The guy can be effective close to his opponent, even if such a style is not the best one for him.

You could say that Kilik is a versatile fighter, of the all-rounder archetype. On the one hand, it’s true as Kilik has fighting tools for various situations. On the other hand, he is stronger within the long-range pokes and everything that comes after landing them. It would be wise to build your gameplan around this feature.

For example, stay in the range of Kilik’s 44A and look for openings. Use 44AA to land a low attack and approach the opponent. 66B is also suitable for coming closer and bringing the fight to the mid-range dimension. Here, you can use such attacks as 4K to continue pressure.

If you find your Kilik close to the opponent, use AA, 2A, or BK. 1A is also a good move. It hits low, and if you hold it, the fighters switch sides, so you have a chance for Ring Out.

Kilik’s abilities change when Soul Charge is activated. The character even looks different, as if he has unleashed some demonic energy. In this state, Kilik deals significantly bigger damage, but also, his moveset becomes riskier.

Soul Charge of Kilik empties his health bar and then does the same with Soul Charge timer. To stop the process, you can use Critical Edge or 8B+K (Soul's Balm).

When Soul Charge is active, Kilik can use such unique attacks as 66A+B and 66B+K. Also, he gets extra strings (4BBBK, 66AA). 1(2,3)B+K is a projectile for Soul Charge, which changes its range from short (1) to long (3).

Be aware of the risks of the Soul Charge state, and be ready to finish it when it’s necessary. It might be a good idea to build some basic damage with normal attacks and then use SC to deliver killing moves.

Kilik’s Combos in Soulcalibur VI

  • 1A -> B+K
  • B4 -> 2AB
  • B4 ->BB
  • 22B -> AB -> 4KB -> B+K
  • 6A+B -> 6BB -> B+K
  • 6A+B -> 6AB -> 66B
  • 6A+B -> 6AB -> 4KK -> 2AB
  • 3B -> AB -> 4KB -> B+K
  • 2A+B -> 1B
  • 4A+B -> B+K
  • 214K -> 6BB -> 8B
  • 214K -> 6BB -> 8 -> 6B+K2
  • 22B -> AB -> 4KB -> B+K
  • WS-R (while standing or running) B -> 6BB -> B+K
  • Running K -> 3B
  • Counter Hit -> 6A+B -> 4KK -> 2AB

Strengths and Weaknesses

In Soulcalibur VI, Kilik got some aspects of his moveset improved. First of all, it’s true for his speed and long-range attacks. You should mind this advantage to let Kilik dominate in the match.

Having versatile options is also a strength for a fighting game character. Even if the close-range tools of Kilik are not impressive, he still is not useless in such situations and has the means to return to a more comfortable distance.

The Malfested Form of Kilik’s Soul Charge is both advantageous and disadvantageous. The damage becomes tangibly higher, but at the same time, the defense starts struggling. 

Dealing rather low damage in the normal state is a weakness of Kilik. On the other hand, it’s compensated by the improved defense. 

How to play against Kilik

Even having close-range tools, Kilik is not too comfortable in such fights, so you can use that against him. His long-range attacks are fast and effective, so don’t let him keep this distance and open you.

While Kilik is in the normal state, the rushdown style might be more effective against him. Use his pretty limited defense to not let the guy recover and start his pressure. In the Malfested Form, Kilik becomes dependent on time and turns into a rushdown character himself. So, you have to change your approach and keep the distance. His defensive options in Soul Charge are much less impressive.

Kilik has another great feature — he’s a beginner-friendly character. With all the potential depth of his moveset, you can take him and immediately have fun. Just give him a try!

Our Soulcalibur VI Tier List has Kilik rather low. It might happen that his weaknesses would limit your in-game potential. But he’s definitely great for gaining experience. And if he’s in tune with your personal style, you might prove the tier list being wrong.