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An Ionian swordsman who was falsely accused of murder, now fleeing his homeland, But the past has the strangest way of catching up.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 10

  • Toughness: 3

  • Control: 5

  • Mobility: 10

  • Utility: 7

  • Difficulty: 10




Yasuo, the Unforgiven, is a renowned swordsman whose story is one of tragedy and redemption, in search of the way to clear his tarnished name.

Born in Ionia, Yasuo grew up in the small village of Orphan's Creek. He possessed a natural talent for the blade, and thanks to his half-brother Yone, who sparred and trained with him, he was getting even better at the ways of the sword. Their bond was unbreakable until the day a deadly wind technique was stolen from the village, leaving their master, Elder Souma, dead and Yasuo accused of the deed. Fueled by his grief and anger, Yasuo vowed to find the true culprit and avenge his master's death, even if it meant betraying his village and forsaking his own name. After being tracked down by Yone, they clashed, with Yasuo emerging victorious but unable to get forgiveness from the lips of his half-brother.

Yasuo's journey took him across the vast landscapes of Ionia, where he encountered various allies and enemies. Along the way, he crossed paths with Taliyah, a young Shuriman stone mage who shared a similar spirit of adventure. Through their encounters, Yasuo found himself reluctantly mentoring Taliyah, teaching her the ways of the world and helping her harness her magical abilities.

As Yasuo's quest for redemption continued, he met several other League of Legends characters, and his story continued in the game Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.


Yasuo is a complex character, driven by his unwavering determination to clear his name and seek justice for the death of his master. He is a stoic and introspective individual, carrying the weight of his past with him. Yasuo's personality is characterized by his sense of responsibility, loyalty, and a strong moral compass. He is not quick to trust others due to his experiences with betrayal but is fiercely protective of those he cares about.

Despite his stern exterior, Yasuo also has moments of vulnerability and introspection, especially when he's mentoring Taliyah. He recognizes the importance of passing on his knowledge to the next generation and values the bonds he forms along his journey.

Combat Style

Yasuo's combat style is a reflection of his past and the skills he honed as a swordsman. He wields a finely crafted katana, using it with precision and fluidity in battle. His unique ability to manipulate the wind sets him apart from other swordsmen. Yasuo can create gusts of wind, dash through the air, and create barriers of wind to defend himself and his allies.

In battle, he is a nimble and agile fighter, capable of dashing through his enemies, dealing devastating sword strikes, and unleashing powerful wind-based attacks. Yasuo's playstyle requires skill and finesse, making him a favorite among experienced players. His ultimate ability, "Last Breath," allows him to launch an airborne assault against his foes, rendering them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from him and his allies.


Yasuo's appearance is a striking combination of traditional Ionian clothing and the practicality of a wandering swordsman. He wears a loose, blue and white tunic with intricate patterns that reflect his cultural heritage. His hair is long, tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way during battle.

Yasuo's most defining feature is his katana, which he carries on his sash. The sword is adorned with symbols and is a representation of his past and the skills he's mastered. His rugged appearance is a testament to his life on the road, with weathered clothing and a traveler's sense of readiness.

Key Information:

Title: The Unforgiven

Species: Human

Origin: Ionia

Age: 31-34

Combat Style: Wind Technique

Occupation: Wanderer, Bodyguard

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