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A fox-like Vastaya looking to find her place in the world.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 8

  • Toughness: 2

  • Control: 6

  • Mobility: 9

  • Utility: 2

  • Difficulty: 6




Ahri grew up in the Shon-Xan region of Ionia, a land rich in natural magic, but her true origins are lost to time. She wasn't always the seductive fox-spirit she is known as today. She was brought up by a pack of icefoxe, who accepted her despite her being a Vastaya.

Sfter the powers of the Spirit Realm awakened in her, she found out that she could feed on the life essence of others. After countless years of feeding on human emotions, she started to understand that people perceived her as a monster, and this realization took her aback. Haunted by the souls she consumed and the longing for humanity, Ahri embarked on a journey to regain her lost sense of self. Her quest led her through the diverse landscapes of Runeterra, where she learned to control her magical abilities and protect herself from those who sought to exploit her powers. Along the way, Ahri's beauty and allure became both a gift and a curse, as they drew admirers and adversaries alike.

Ahri's path eventually led her to Bilgewater. With Yasuo as her bodyguard, she started looking for her purpose in life.


Ahri's personality is a captivating blend of sensuality, curiosity, and a deep longing for a connection to humanity. She is a character who has experienced both the ecstasy of her enchanting powers and the torment of the souls she has taken. This duality shapes her complex character.

She is both charming and elusive, often using her allure to manipulate those who cross her path, whether in combat or conversation. Her enchanting presence is contrasted by a sense of loneliness and yearning. Ahri is not a villain; rather, she seeks a way to reconcile her dual nature and find redemption for her past actions.

Underneath her seductive exterior, Ahri possesses a genuine desire to understand the human experience and to form meaningful connections. Her story is a poignant exploration of the human desire for love, acceptance, and the struggle to find one's true self.

Combat Style

Ahri's combat style is a graceful dance of magic and seduction. She is a mage-assassin who excels at catching her foes off-guard with her charm and mobility. Her abilities, such as "Orb of Deception" and "Charm," allow her to deal devastating burst damage while enchanting her enemies.

Ahri's signature ability, "Spirit Rush," allows her to dash and charm multiple enemies, making her a formidable opponent in big fights.

In combat, Ahri relies on her ability to charm and deceive her foes, creating openings to unleash her magic and eliminate her enemies. Her playstyle requires a combination of precise skill shots and clever positioning, making her a rewarding choice for skilled players.


Ahri's appearance is captivating and alluring, reflecting her status as a nine-tailed fox-spirit. She possesses an ethereal beauty, with long, flowing, auburn hair that cascades down her back. Her most striking feature is the nine, luxurious tails that flow gracefully behind her, each adorned with a white tip.

Her attire is elegant yet practical, adorned with traditional Ionian elements. Ahri's eyes are a captivating shade of emerald green, and they hold a captivating, otherworldly charm. Her essence embodies the duality of her character, a mix of enchantment and a deep longing for her lost humanity.

Key Information:

Title: The Nine-Tailed Fox

Species: Vesani (Vastaya tribe)

Origin: Ionia

Age: 1000+

Combat Style: Spirit Magic

Occupation: Soul Devourer, Travelling Protector of Life

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