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A member of Trifarix, a three-headed head of Noxus, he is a battle-hardened general tho recognizes only strength.Know more

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Character abilities

  • Damage: 9

  • Toughness: 6

  • Control: 6

  • Mobility: 2

  • Utility: 1

  • Difficulty: 5




Born in the heart of Noxus, Darius grew up as an orphan with his younger brother Draven in the impoverished and unforgiving streets of the city. From a young age, he displayed exceptional physical prowess and an indomitable will. He found his path to power and glory through the military, joining the ranks of the Trifarian Legion as a soldier. Rising through the ranks swiftly, Darius demonstrated exceptional leadership and tactical skills, which earned him the respect of his peers and the favor of Noxus's high command.

Darius's journey to the top wasn't without bloodshed and conflict. He fiercely contested and overcame many rivals within Noxus, proving himself time and time again on the battlefield. His ruthless approach to war and his unwavering loyalty to Noxus led him to become one of the empire's most celebrated military leaders, while ruining any chance of a peaceful life with his spouse Quiletta.

As a symbol of Noxian strength, Darius was tasked with leading campaigns against various adversaries, both foreign and domestic. His ruthless and unyielding nature made him a feared and respected figure, and his notoriety grew with each successful campaign. Darius is often at odds with Demacia, the rival nation of Noxus, in a never-ending struggle for dominance.

In recognition of his service to Noxus, he was made a part of the Imperial Trifarix, a ruling trifecta alongside the Grand General Swain and enigmatic Black Rose.


Darius is a character defined by his unwavering loyalty to Noxus and his brutal sense of justice. He is fiercely determined and relentless in his pursuit of victory, both on and off the battlefield. Darius possesses a code of honor that is uniquely Noxian, valuing strength, discipline, and power above all else.

Despite his imposing exterior and brutal reputation, Darius also possesses a strong sense of responsibility for his soldiers. He cares deeply for the soldiers under his command and demands the best from them, as he does from himself. This duality in his personality, a mix of ruthless ambition and a sense of duty, makes Darius a multifaceted and intriguing character.

Combat Style

Darius's combat style is a reflection of his raw, brute strength and his skill with his iconic weapon, the Noxian guillotine, a massive battle-axe. He is a juggernaut on the battlefield, known for his ability to withstand enemy assaults while dishing out devastating damage. Darius excels in close combat, using his axe to cleave through foes with powerful strikes.

His abilities, including "Decimate" and "Crippling Strike," allow him to damage multiple enemies at once while applying debilitating effects to his opponents. His ultimate ability, "Noxian Guillotine," is a finishing move that deals massive damage and can execute weakened foes.

Darius's combat style is straightforward but effective, making him a popular pick for players who enjoy a powerful, no-nonsense bruiser in the game. He thrives in the midst of battle, rallying his allies and striking fear into the hearts of his enemies.


Darius's appearance reflects his formidable presence on the battlefield. He stands tall, heavily armored in Noxian military regalia that bears the empire's insignia. His armor is designed for both protection and intimidation, with spiked pauldrons. His signature weapon, the Noxian Guillotine, is a colossal, two-handed axe adorned with Noxian symbols.

Darius's imposing stature is further accentuated by his muscular physique, a testament to the physical demands of a life dedicated to combat. His scarred and neatly shaved face with a shadow of a beard, and spiky hear add to his fierce and commanding appearance.

Key Information:

Title: The Hand of Noxus

Species: Human

Origin: Noxus

Age: 37-41

Combat Style: Noxian Might

Occupation: Trifarix Leader of Might, General of the Trifarian Legion

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