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Weekly Mod Highlights V.29 (Mortal Kombat 1)

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Weekly Mod Highlights V.29 (Mortal Kombat 1)
The most interesting mods for the most popular fighting games

We at DashFight love the creative energy of the fighting games community and sincerely enjoy many mods created within our favorite genre.

In this regular series, we highlight some of the many awesome mods. Here is Volume 29.

Mortal Kombat 1 Mods

Freddy Fazbear over Cyrax

This terrifying bear from the game series Five Nights With Freddy suits quite well to the violent aesthetics of Mortal Kombat. Bring Freddy Fazbear to the MK1 fights as a kameo, instead of Cyrax.

Iron Man & Friends Pack

Iron Man certainly is a great kameo fighter for MK1. As we still don’t have a Marvel fighting game with the style of Mortal Kombat/Injustice, the community can take this task in their own hands. The pack also includes War Machine (Sektor), Pepper's Rescue (Cyrax), and Iron Patriot (Sektor).

DreamWorks VS Pixar

(It’s a mod on Patreon. You need to support the creator, ToastedShoes, to get access to it)

This wonderful MK1 mod blew up the Internet recently. Install it to have DreamWorks and Pixar cartoon characters in your Mortal Kombat roster.

The author, ToastedShoes, has quite a few other awesome works. We recommend taking a look at his Patreon page to decide whether you want access to this mod collection and whether you want to support such a creative process.

Aquaman & Friends Pack

Here we have another collection of interesting replacements for MK1 characters. Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) and King Shark go over Rain (colors 001 and 002); Black Manta goes over Darrius.

Mario and Luigi

It feels like Mario and Luigi have had enough. They don’t want to fight evil (Bowser and everyone else) with their traditional methods. Bloody attacks of Mortal Kombat 1 is exactly what they need right now. They join MK1 as a character and a kameo fighter.

These brothers are native characters in Smash Ultimate, and we at DashFight have mods for that game too. Check them out in our Mod Highlights Volume 28.

We will keep the series going on DashFight, so stay tuned to our platform for new volumes of our Weekly Mod Highlights.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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