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Kato “Yuu” Yuji is a professional Tekken player from Japan, playing for YAMASA.

Yuu started competing in 2015 with an impressive top 8 finish at EVO 2015. Since then he showed consistently remarkable performance, especially for a character loyalist. Yuu is one of the very few people representing Feng in competitive play. His playstyle is clean and defense-oriented. Yuu efficiently utilizes Feng's evasiveness and explosive approach to perform quick and precise punishes or counter attacks. 

Some of Yuu's best performances include top 8 finishes at Abuget Cup 2018 and EVO 2015, top 12 finishes at Thaiger Uppercut 2017, REV Major 2017, SEA Major Singapore 2018 and top 24 at Tekken Would Tour 2019 Finals LCQ.

You can find Yuu on Twitter.