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  • Maru Sy
  • Bren Esports
  • Philippines

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Maru "Maru" Sy is a Tekken 7 player from the Philippines who represent BREN Esports. He competed in tournaments such as:

  • 2021: EVO 2021 OnlineTekken 7 - Asia South (4th), ICFC TEKKEN ASIA, IESF Philippine Qualifiers 2021 (4th).
  • 2020: EVO Japan 2020 (25th), TEKKEN ONLINE CHALLENGE OPEN TOURNAMENT Philippines (5th), XRD Tekken (1st).
  • 2019: Awesome Eastern Brawl (East King of the Iron Fist) (5th), Manila Zaibatsu (13th), TGU X SEA Major Thailand 2019 (13th), We are One Tekken! DOJO Tournament (7th).
  • 2017: Tekken World Tour Online 2017: Southeast Asia (PlayStation 4) (5th).
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