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YahooZRM (YahooFGC)

  • Zachary Medendorp
  • USA

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Birthday : Dec 20, 1994 (29)
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Zachary "YahooZRM" Medendorp is an American fighting game player. He competes in titles such as Dragon Ball Fighterz, Mortal Kombat 11, Naruto: Clash Of Ninja 4, and Under Night In-Birth: Exe Late[st].

Yahoo is a regular at Kalamazoo FGC Weeklies Netplay Edition and Low Kick Online. He has compete competed at many tournaments icluding Combo Breaker 2019, The Kolosseum, and Youmacon Battle Opera 2019.

At Frosty Faustings XII 2020, YahooZRM placed 65th place in MK 11 singles with a 33% set win rate. He lost matches against Stabs and Seabus Kyle. He also ranked 33rd in DBFZ.

Check out his Twitch channel here.

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