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  • Justin Martin
  • USA

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Justin ''Victor_Freeze504'' Martin is an American fighting games player from Texas.

As a Mortal Kombat 11 player, Victor_Freeze504 competed and finished 9th in Combo Breaker 2022, 2nd in New Norm Tournament Event, 5th in The BJ House, 7th in Northeast Championship 2021, 9th in Battle of The Kamidogus S3, 13th in Block Party and Battle of The Kamidogus, 17th in Summer Jam 2021, Kombat Kronicles Season 2 Tournament and KKII Qualifier 13.

Also, Victor_Freeze504 took part in such tournaments as Summer Casino, Commentators Curse, Mileena Mashfest, Caged Vendettas: Take 2, The Kolosseum, and Konsole Kombat League Week 3.

You can follow Victor_Freeze504 on Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube.