• Daniel Day
  • USA

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Daniel Day, also known as "Tetsujin," is a competitive fighting game player from the United States who specializes in Tekken.

Tetsujin mains Bryan in Tekken 7 and is a regular at events such as Akihabara Monthly, Beer FLu BOWU and Colorado Tekken Online Tourney.

Tetsujin has also competed and placed 9th at Winter Showdown 7, 49th at Final Round 2018, 65th at NorCal Strongstyle 2019, 97th at CEO 2019, and 129th at Combo Breaker 2018 & EVO 2019.

At Bud Light Beer League Tekken West 1, Tetsujin ranked 33rd with 60% set wins after losing matches against Princess Ling and Crazyest.