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  • Sam L.
  • USA

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Sam L. "Tecwulf1" is an American Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee player from San Francisco who mains Pikachu, Lucina, and Wolf.

Tecwulf1 is a fresh player to watch out for and has become a regular participant of SF State Smash Wi-Fighters. He has also participated in The Box and Genesis 7. However, he was disqualified from Pound Online.

At DreamHack Anaheim 2020, he competed in SSBU and SSBM singles, ranking 129th and 65th. Tecwulf1i also battled it out in doubles for both games. Partnered with 5paceCowboy, he came 5th in ssbu and 7th in ssbm which is a notable achievement.

Tecwulf1 Streams VALORANT, SSBU, League of Legends, and Mario Wii among others on his Twitch channel.

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