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Signor Farfalla

  • Ireland

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Signor Farfalla is a fighting game player from Ireland who has been known to compete in titles such as Guilty Gear and Tekken 7 in which he mains Gigas and Marduk. They have participated in tournaments like:

  • 2021: As1 Arena - Oct 2 (5th), ICFC GGST EU SEASON 1.
  • 2020: Coolshop GGW 2020 (9th), Intercalary Inferno (2nd),
  • 2019: BERLIN TEKKEN CLASH 2019, Button Mash @ Belfast presents: BATTLE @ THE BOX (4th), Celtic Throwdown 2019 (13th), Fighting Games Challenge, Halloween Havoc 2019 (3rd), Headstomper 2019 (17th), ONLY THE BEST II, Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 (9th), VSFighting 2019 (33rd).
  • 2018: StrongStyle European Qualifier (13th), TEKKEN World Tour Finals 2018.