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Chris Staton "Pilgrim" is an American Super Smash Bros player who mains Olimar in Ultimate and Wii U. He is hailed as the best Olimar main in New England and was sponsored by Daijoubu.

Previously ranked 42nd on the New England Power Rankings and 15th on the Massachusetts Smash Ultimate Power Rankings, Pilgrim has an overall set count of 61% in Ultimate has defeated top contenders like Sharp and Pugwest among others.

Pilgrim is a regular at  Redemption and Synthesis. He has teamed up with BobbyWasabi and woodstock to play Smash Ultimate doubles.

He also competed in ssbu singles and placed 13th at Push The Limit 2, 17th at Return to Subspace 2, 33rd at Overclocked Ultimate, 65th at Pound 2019 & Smash'N'Splash 5, 97th at Shine 2019, and 257th at Let's Make Big Moves.

Pilgrim also serves as the host of The Howling Hour podcast for horror movie reviews.

Take a peek at his Twitch channel here.