Lunner (Lunar)

  • Magnus Frafjord
  • Wolves eSports
  • Norway

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Magnus Frafjord, who currently goes by the tag "Lunner" (previously Lunar), is a Norwegian Super Smash Bros. player for Wolves Esports.

Ranked 4th in the SSB4 Norwegian Power Rankings and 8th in the SSBU Norwegian Power Rankings, Lunner co-mains Paltuena and Toon Link with his Smash 4 main, Sonic as secondary in Smash Ultimate. He has competed in ssbu singles at tournaments such as:

  • 2021: Hællæwood Smash (5th), SWT: Europe Ultimate Online Qualifier, Temple: Hermès Edition.
  • 2020: Armada's Birthday Tournament (5th), Battle of The Armada (33rd), Coca-Cola Breakpoint Ultimate - Finale, Pound Online, TrøndeLAN 2020 (4th).
  • 2019: Albion 4, Bergen Open (9th), Bifrost III -Sessrumnir (5th), Phoenix Blue 2 (25th), Syndicate 2019, Valhalla II (33rd), Vivaldi Spring 2019 (7th).

Lunner also plays Final Fantasy XIV. Follow him on Twitter.


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