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  • Eduardo M.
  • Mexico

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Eduardo "Laloba" M. is a Smash competitor from Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. Their main disciplines are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they main Bayonetta and R.O.B, respectively. 

The earliest competitive records of Laloba refer to them playing at XTR | League S2 #4 and winning in SSBWU Singles. They later made an appearance at Tijuana at War (SSBWU), where they took 7th place, ConComics May 2017 (SSBWU) - 4th place, Smash Factor 6 (SSBWU) - 17th place. Laloba has become a regular at Smash Factor, visiting Smash Factor 7 (SSBWU) - 33rd place, and Smash Factor 8 (SSBU) - 33rd place. 

Laloba is a winner of Border Sm4sh (SSBWU) in 2017, Border League Round 4 Ultimate 1.0 (SSBWU) in 2019, Grima's Cybernight Week 6 (SSBU) in 2020 and Smash Warriors

They are known to defeat such players as Pineda, Harlonga, Simi, Salva, D. POLLO, AlexDisC, WaKa, Ex, BigBoss, twerkmastr, Pain and Nery.

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