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  • Shintaro Kakihara
  • Japan

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Birthday : Dec 10, 1996 (27)
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Shintaro Kakihara "Kuro" is a competitive gamer from Japan. He mains Fox in SSB4, Metal Knight in SSB Brawl, and Zero Suit Samus in SSB Ultimate.

Ranked 18th on the Fall 2019 PGRU and 6th on the Japan Power Rankings, Kuro was hailed as the best Pit player in Japan before he stopped competing with the character. He has swept away game set victories from other top contenders like Atelier, Goblin, kept, and Lea among others.

With Zero Suit Samus, he has built a strong momentum competing at various tournaments. Kuro won 1st place at Umebura SP6, 2nd at Sumabato SP10, 5th at Maesuma TOP2. He has also competed at 2GG: Kongo Saga, CEO Dreamland 2020, Eastern Powerhouse Invitational, EGS Cup 3, Karisuma SP3, Mēsuma, Miesuma SP 3, and Umebura Japan Major 2019.

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