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  • Skye Dempsey
  • USA

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Skye "Kazama-Kata" Dempsey, formerly known as "KazamaSkye" is a Tekken 7 competitor from Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Their main in T7 is Jin. Dempsey plays for Charleston Carriers team.

Kazama-Kata made their competitive debut at TEKKEN World Tour 2018 Online NA East in 2018 (T7), where they took 25th place. In the following years, they played at such notable events as: 

• 2018: F2 CON, Holy City Brawl IV (the 3rd place), BCF Online Tournament Cycle #1, CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships, Summer Jam 12.  

• 2019: FINAL ROUND 2019, Upstate Throwdown 18, Upstate Throwdown 18 (the 2nd place), Budlight Tuesday Throwdown Eastern Qualifier #2, DreamHack Atlanta 2019, CEO 2019 Fighting Game ChampionshipsFlowertown Rumble 5 (the 1st place).

• 2020:  ($360 Pot) Support FGC - Tekken 7 Online Tournament (the 1st place), TEKKEN ONLINE CHALLENGE OPEN TOURNAMENT US East

• 2021: ICFC NA SEASON 1, EQNX Online Dojo, Southern Hostility, and others. 

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