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Javier "DSpekBrown is a Tekken 7 competitor from Detroit, Michigan, USA. Their main in T7 is Hwoarang

DSpek made their competitive debut at TEKKEN World Tour 2018 Online NA East in 2018 (T7), where they took 25th place. They have since played T7 at such notable events as: THXGIVING THROWDOWN: A Gaming & Giving Event, The Reversal Online #4, The Pmattg Weekly Episode 4, The Reversal Online #5, The Pmattg Weekly Episode 8, The Pmattg Weekly Episode 9, ICFC NA SEASON 2 WEEK 4, Cyber Stun City 56: Apr 19th - 24th, 2021, ICFC NA SEASON 2, EQNX Online Dojo, Lansing Local 2.

DSpek is aspiring to succeed in the professional Tekken scene. They talked in detail about their competitive experience in the episode of The Grand Kai Gaming Podcast