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Will Beckler "JLim," formerly known as "Bill_" or "Harlock" and "Pathoran," is an American Super Smash Bros player.

He mains Snake in Brawl and Ultimate with Joker and Pikachu as ssbu secondaries. In Wii U, he mains Sheik and Cloud with Diddy Kong and Marth as secondaries.

Ranked 11th on the Ultimate MD/VA Power Rankings, JLim has an overall set count of 71% and is known to have won against smashers like Dexter, Logic, and Seagull Joe.

JLim is a regular at The Grid Fridays and Ultimate @ Xanadu. He has teamed up with smashers including Dazai, EMP, and ZD to play Smash Ultimate doubles. He and ZD even won 3rd place at The Scarlet Classic V doubles challenge.

JLim also competed in ssbu singles and placed 33rd at DreamHack Atlanta 2019, 49th at Pound 2019, 65th at MomoCon 2019, 97th at Glitch 8 & Let's Make Big Moves, and 257th at Super Smash Con 2019.

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